Friday, July 10, 2015

Process for appointment of the City of Cleveland Community Police Commission

With the appointment of the Selection Panel on Tuesday, the following steps and process are defined in the Consent Decree agreement with regards to seating the Community Police Commission (CPC).

Community Police Commission

"To leverage the experience and expertise of the people of Cleveland, and to ensure that CDP recognizes and operates in a manner consistent with cooperative community understanding and engagement, the City will establish...a Community Police Commission...consisting of 13-members who represent the many and diverse communities in Cleveland."
  1. The newly appointed Selection Panel is required to accept applications from individuals who reside or work in the City of Cleveland within 30 days, an announcement of the application process should be forthcoming;
  2. After the initial 30 days of accepting applications, the Selection Panel, in a open public forum will recommend 10 persons to be appointed for a term of no more than 4 years;
  3. At least 1 representative must be recommended from the following categories:  
    1. faith based organizations
    2. civil rights advocates
    3. business/philanthropic community
    4. organizations representing communities of color
    5. advocacy organizations
    6. youth or student organizations
    7. academia
    8. individuals w/ expertise in challenges facing people with mental illness or the homeless
  4. In addition to appointments of individuals utilizing the eight categories above, the Cleveland Patrolmen's Association, Fraternal Order of Police and the Black Shield will each identify one member to be appointed to the commission.
  5. The persons recommended by the Selection Panel and three Police organizations shall be appointed as provided by the City Charter (Mayor with Council approval).
  6. Vacancies within the original four year term will be filled in the same fashion as the original appointments.  At the end of the four years, a selection panel will be reconstituted and the process will be repeated.
  7. One Commission member will be selected by the CPC to attend meetings of the Community Relations Board (CRB) and one member of the CRB will be selected by the CRB to attend meetings of the CPC. 
For details on the functions and responsibilities of the Community Police Commission, please refer to the City of Cleveland & DOJ Settlement Agreement: III.  Community Engagement and Building Trust. A. Community Police Commission.

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