Friday, October 27, 2017

Endorsement and response to Cleveland Digital Justice Campaign

I support all four of the proposed actions by Connect Your Community.  My support is indicated for each one below with some specific comments to the challenges we as a City face in implementing these solutions to promote universal digital literacy and broadband Internet access in the City of Cleveland.  I also add to the scope of work of the proposed Cabinet level position to also oversee the City's efforts to connect with civic technology and open data practices.

Brian Cummins
Cleveland City Council, Ward 14
216-664-4238 office


1)  City funding of at least $1 million a year for neighborhood technology centers that
  • Provide basic digital literacy training for community residents, and
  • Help eligible households take advantage of existing discount Internet programs.
          When: 2018 budget year or earlier.

RESPONSE - I commit to this goal and the work that it will take to seek the the minimum $1M funding resources needed.  I have been using a modest amount of funding annually of $20-$40k Ward 14 Casino allocation for the past 3 years to fund the CYC2.0 training center in Brooklyn Centre and their partnerships with CMHARET3 and DigitalC. I have seen first hand the benefit that such training centers can have on connecting people to the internet, to their family members and services and in getting the most of their technology, be it a smart phone, tablet, lap top or desktop computer.

2)  Expansion of the City’s free public wifi network to provide Internet access to residents and neighborhood businesses throughout the city.

          When: Within two years.

RESPONSE - Both #2 and #3 will require a solid plan for designing, financing, implementing and maintaining wifi networks and an optic fiber network.  First consideration should be to consider using our municipal electric utility, CPP as a bonding entity to pay for these 21st century infrastructural investments as was successfully carried out in Chattanooga TN.  I participated in a delegation of Cleveland officials and tech leaders on a trip to visit and learn about Chattanooga's GIG CITY.  Our city has faced challenges modernizing our city's internal operations digital infrastructure  It will take a renewed focus to fund and support our current tech initiatives and to launch a more public facing infrastructure that would bring great social and economic benefit to our residents and city.

3)  A City-owned, city-wide optical fiber broadband network to provide affordable, very fast Internet services to Cleveland homes and businesses — as a City utility service, a delivery option for new competitive private Internet providers, or both.

          When: Within four years.

RESPONSE - See #2 above for part of my response.  In addition, from my experience I believe that in the research and planning for an investment of a city-wide optical fiber broadband network we should give priority for installation of fiber in our core commercial corridors.  We are already focus on building and developing competitive market conditions for housing density in our prime commercial corridors.  The economic and jobs impact on getting fiber installed in these corridors can serve as a catalyst for business investment.  I support a dual delivery option of city and bid private Internet providers to both maintain ability to leverage what will be a City infrastructural asset and provide competitive pricing and services to respond to the continuing evolution in technology

4)  A new Cabinet-level executive position dedicated solely to leading City efforts to promote universal digital literacy and broadband Internet access, including the measures described in 1, 2 and 3.

          When: 2018 budget year or earlier.

RESPONSE - I support a Cabinet-level position with an expanded scope of not only leading efforts to promote universal digital literacy and broadband Internet access, but to also oversee the City's efforts to connect with civic technology and open data practices that would open our government operations and services up for greater scrutiny and accountability to the residents we serve. This would ensure rewarding and promoting our best employees, departments and implementing best-practices and make our operations and expenditures of taxes more efficient and impactful.


Work and media coverage of tech issues Councilman Cummins  has been working on or involved in -

MARK YOUR CALENDAR - Net Inclusion 2018, April 17th-19th | Cleveland, Ohio, Sponsored by the National Digital Inclusion Alliance

Facebook page for the Cleveland Civic Tech and Open Data Collaborative

Midtown Tech Hive will blend coworking, digital education on Cleveland's Health-Tech Corridor,  By Michelle Jarboe, The Plain Dealer, 06.17.2017.  Note that Ward 14 UDAG funding (restricted for economic development) was used to assist this project and it is an investment that is anticipated to bring benefits to Ward 14 through partnerships with DigitalC, CYC2.0, RET3, CMHA and more.

April and May 2017 News for Open Cleveland, by Will Skora, OpenCleveland, 05.17.2017

Room packed for City Council digital inclusion hearing, By Connect Your Community, 05.14.2017

CLE Housing Hackathon, 04.18.2017

TechniCLE Speaking 2016: Fostering Innovation, 04.14.2016

DataDaysCLE 03.02.2017
Interview at the first annual DataDaysCLE.  Plans are in the works for our 2nd Annual DataDaysCLE, being planned for March 2018. Contact our office if you are interested in helping out and or participating!

The Cleveland Civic Tech + Open Data Collaborative, Northeast Ohio’s first annual celebration of data, civic technology, and the doers working to improve the region. By Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), 03.13.2017

Cleveland Should Embrace Civic TechBut without City Hall support, it could fizzle just as the movement is taking off. By Sheehan Hannan, Cleveland Magazine, 01.30.2017

By Connect Your Community 2.0, 01.13.2017

Connect your Community (2.0) computer training center to open in June (2014), By Brian Cummins, 06.16.2014.  Announcement of Ashbury Senior Computer Community Center and CYC 2.0 launch of the “Next CYC” approach in the Brooklyn Centre neighborhood of Cleveland.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

El Refugio and other efforts to coordinate relief for Puerto Rico and displaced families coming to North East Ohio

In Cleveland there has been an outpouring of support for the relief efforts in Puerto Rico and a growing coordination of services and assistance for those displaced from Puerto Rico due to medical and overall infrastructure problems on the Islands.

In total, estimates are that more than 300 tons of donated materials, supplies and medical goods have been shipped to Puerto Rico from North East Ohio.  More than $150,000 has been donated to relieve efforts in Puerto Rico and for helping families arriving in North East Ohio.

The generosity is not surprising given that North East Ohio is home to the State of Ohio's largest Puerto Rican population.  Of the total 110,000 people of Puerto Rican origin in the state, Cleveland has the largest share with over 30,000 and our Metro area has over 63,000, or two-thirds of the total in the State.

REF: Lorain and Cleveland have strong ties to Puerto Rico: Statistical Snapshot, By Rich Exner,, 10/13/2017

Now five weeks after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico and other parts of the Caribbean, families and organizations across North East Ohio have begun taking in relatives and helping others that have been displaced settled into life in Ohio.  As the major relieve efforts to get goods to Puerto Rico winds down, our community is coming together to assist families coming to North East Ohio.

The following are some organizational documents, minutes and notes for some of the efforts here in Cleveland.  Government officials, non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations and community leaders are called on to help join in the collaboration and share information about their activities and efforts to ensure the maximum amount of assistance and effectiveness for the relief and assistance efforts here in North East Ohio, in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean.

Monetary and materials and supply donations are still needed, as the relief and recovery efforts in Puerto Rico are anticipated to take months to years, and efforts to assist families coming to North East Ohio are anticipated to increase in the next few weeks and months.  It is already estimated that more than 200 people have traveled from Puerto Rico to North East Ohio since September 20th.  That number could grow to thousands for the region through this coming Spring.

Please consider donating money for the relieve and assistance efforts in Puerto Rico and North East Ohio.

MONETARY DONATIONS are encouraged to be made to:

The Cleveland Foundation's online giving platform for Greater Clevelanders to help support the ongoing hurricane recovery and relief efforts in the U.S. commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Donations are being accepted through Nov. 30, 2017.  Note that all donations are to be delivered to the Puerto Rico Community Foundation for disbursement and use in hardest hit areas.  More than $100,000 has been raised so far in North East Ohio with generous donations from Cleveland Foundation, The Jewish Federation of Cleveland and KeyBank.


To help families arriving in Cleveland and surrounding areas:

To help families arriving in Lorain County:


Both the Spanish American Committee in Cleveland and El Centro in Lorain are also taking material donations.  In addition the following organizations listed below are also collaborating to receive and disburse donations to needy families that are re-settling in North East Ohio.  These organizations also help need families in general in the Cleveland and Lorain and surrounding areas.  Agencies are not encouraging donations of goods and supplies to be made for the relieve efforts in Puerto Rico at this time.

Needed Items:
  • winter coats
  • gloves, and scarves
  • sweaters
  • school uniforms
  • toiletries; soap, diapers, shampoo, tooth brushes, tooth paste, feminine hygiene products, toilet paper, facial tissue, deodorants, body washes and lotions
  • shoes, socks and winter boots
  • household cleaning supplies
  • blankets, sheets, pillows

Iglesia Nueva Vida
, Holmden Ave, Cleveland, OH 44109,  Pastor Jose Reyes, 216-741-0511,

May Dugan Center, 4115 Bridge Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113, Andy Trares, Deputy Director, 216-631-5800 xtn 121,

La Sagrada Familia Church, 7719 Detroit Rd, Cleveland, OH 44102, Elizabeth Martinez, 216-631-2888,

Collaborating Organizations

If you would like your organization to be added to the list of donation drop-off sites, or to be included in local organizing efforts for El Refugio and more, please contact Taylor Henschel at 216-664-4238,

Organizing Efforts to assist people coming to North East Ohio

Pastor Jose Reyes of Iglesia Nueva Vida began to convene meetings several weeks ago for the creation of "El Refugio".  The documents provided below are related to that work.

El Refugio - Introductory Document by Brian Cummins on Scribd

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Cleveland City Council passes resolution urging Congress and the President to take stronger actions in their federal relief efforts to assist U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico

1210 17 ERes Hurrican Maria Puerto Rico by Brian Cummins on Scribd

NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito joins pols from across the U.S. in writing Trump to push for more aid for Puerto Rico

DAILY NEWS, 10.03.2017

The following letter was spearheaded by New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito's, a native of Puerto Rico, and signed by 65-elected officials from around the country.  We call on President Trump's Administration -

 "...that the Federal Government act immediately to deploy additional resources to the islands, lengthen the Jones Act suspension period, and expand the “local match” waiver for FEMA funds..."

" everything humanly possible to reach every corner of Puerto Rico and the USVI with food and supplies, as we also grapple with the desperately needed restoration of power to the island. The lives of 3.5 million U.S. citizens are hanging in the balance."

NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito also stated,

“There is this view that, somehow, we don’t merit that level of concern or attention or respect from this government,” said Melissa Mark-Viverito, the speaker of the New York City Council, comparing the response in Puerto Rico with areas struck by recent hurricanes in Florida and Texas. “Somehow, we’re a burden and we’re mooching. That’s the kind of language this president is throwing around.”

On Sunday October 8th the 10-day waiver of the Jones Act expired.


Speaker Mark-Viverito, Elected Officials Across the Nation Demand President Trump, Federal Government Deploy Additional Resources, Extend the Jones Suspension Period for the Humanitarian Crisis in Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, NYC City Council, 10/4/2017.

Melissa Mark-Viverito joins pols from across the U.S. in writing Trump to push for more aid for Puerto Rico, DAILY NEWS, 10.03.2017

Trump Letter (Joint Letterhead) by Brian Cummins on Scribd


Lawmakers seek Puerto Rico exemption to law that slowed aid
The Washington Times/Associated Press 10.09.2017

Trump should continue to waive the Jones Act: Puerto Rican Governor, Fox Business, 10.09.2017.

Trump faces decision on new Jones Act waiver for Puerto Rico
The Hill, 10.06.2017

DHS Will Allow Puerto Rico Jones Act Waiver to ExpireThe Maritime Executive, 10.06.2017

“We believe that extending the waiver is unnecessary to support the humanitarian relief efforts on the island. There is an ample supply of Jones Act-qualified vessels to ensure that cargo is able to reach Puerto Rico,” said DHS press secretary David Lapan. Lapan added that the Department of Defense has not asked for an extension – the formal mechanism required for a temporary waiver in the interest of national defense – and noted that no vessels have taken advantage of the waiver to date..."

DETAILED STUDIES regarding the Jones Act.  Please comment below if you have other sources of information that can be helpful in understanding the impacts of a repeal or modification of the act.

THE JONES ACT IN PERSPECTIVE: A survey of the costs and effects of the 1920 Merchant Marine Act

by Grassroot Institute of Hawaii | Apr 9, 2017 | Blog, Jones Act, Policy Briefs

PUERTO RICO Characteristics of the Island’s Maritime Trade and Potential Effects of Modifying the Jones Act
United States,  Government Accountability Office, 2013.

Monday, October 2, 2017

MedWish International to hold donation drive at its World Headquarters in Cleveland

See the MedWish press release and supply list for their Puerto Rico Relieve - donation drive occurring this Saturday, October 7, 2017 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, at their World Headquarters located on 1625 E. 31st Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44114.  A personal thank you to Leslie Estremera from Case Western Reserve University for reaching out and helping to share the news and get the word out.

NOTE:  For other information about relieve efforts in Cleveland, see:

Sunday, October 1, 2017

MONETARY DONATIONS NEEDED to support Puerto Rico relieve efforts by Greater Cleveland's Puerto Rican community

Esri CrowdRescue Puerto Rico Infrastructure Map

In the wake of the catastrophic hurricane that hit the Islands of Puerto Rico on September 20th, Greater Cleveland Puertorriqueños have come together and have collected and palletized 350 skids for relieve efforts for their families and our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico.

We are in immediate need of $30,000 to pay for transportation of those goods to Miami FL, for transport to Puerto Rico.  Individuals from Cleveland's Puerto Rican community are traveling to San Juan this week to do advance work on logistics on the Island in preparation for receipt and distribution once goods arrive.

DONATE $ TO:  The Cleveland, OH - Latinos Unidos Fund - A fund set-up in partnership with Cleveland's Club San Lorenzo, Club Alma Yaucana and Spanish American Committee.

Relieve Efforts in Cleveland

Since Thursday, 9/21/2017 Club San Lorenzo and Club Alma Yaucana have collaborated to receive material donation at Club San Lorenzo.  Volunteers and Club Members have worked tirelessly these past 10-days.

Contributions will continue to be received on Saturdays from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm at Club San Lorenzo, 3121 W 33rd St, Cleveland, OH 44109.  Volunteers are needed during these times.  Please call Club San Lorenzo at 216-651-0535 to sign-up to help with deliveries as well as other volunteer opportunities as they develop.  Volunteers are also needed from 7:00 am - 3:30 pm at the IX-Center, where the goods are being palletized and warehoused.  No donations are being accepted for drop-off at the IX-Center.

The City of Cleveland is working with our local foundations and corporate leaders and we hope to have announcements soon on joint efforts to provide support to relieve efforts.  Those efforts are anticipated to include:
  • Coordination and transport of donations to Puerto Rico.
  • Coordination of monetary contributions for relieve efforts in Puerto Rico.
  • Humanitarian and medical aid for victims of the hurricane.
  • Support for families in Greater Cleveland for crisis intervention and other social services.
  • Support for families from Puerto Rico anticipated to arrive in Cleveland escaping the devastating conditions of the Islands.

Call for Greater Federal Assistance

Speakers at a Prayer Vigil and Rally for Puerto Rico Relief on Saturday held on Public Square called for greater Federal Government Assistance.  That included an end to the 1920's era Jones Act that requires shipments between U.S. Ports to be made by U.S. owned and operated carriers. 

Call for repeal of the Jones Act

Coordination of Federal, State and Local Assistance 
Call for the use of the Ohio National Guard, Ohio State Troopers...

Above and beyond our city's efforts, both public and private, there are calls for coordination of federal, state and local efforts.  One such potential example would be the authorization by President trump and concurrent authorization of Ohio Governor John R. Kasich to deploy the Ohio National Guard to assist in transporting humanitarian aid from Ohio to Puerto Rico.  This would require  authorization of a U.S. Code, Title 32/Title 10 or single Title 10 act.  Ohio has significant military assets that should be deployed, including the Air National Guard 179th Airlift Wing

See: The Role of the National Guard in National Defense and Homeland Security
By Maj. Gen. Timothy J. Lowenberg, National Guard Association of the United States 

"The question is when, not if, the next domestic disaster will occur. The question is also when, not if, federal military forces will be deployed domestically in response to a humanitarian disaster or emergency."

U. S. States deploying National Guard Troops

A quick survey online confirms deployment from the following eight Governors and States:
  • New York, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. More than 600 New York National Guard Soldiers and Airmen were on State Active Duty or federal orders as of September 29, supporting response and recovery efforts in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.  Efforts in the Caribbean were matched by efforts back in New York to collect and ship donations to assist Puerto Rico.  Collection sites at four National Guard armories September 24. Mobilized some 100 personnel, including a transportation platoon and members of the New York Guard State Defense Force. These troops will augment state resources to prepare donations for shipment to Puerto Rico. The first shipment of relief supplies managed by the National Guard departs October 2.
  • New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie. Sending 1,100 emergency responders to Puerto Rico for six-weeks to aid in recovery efforts. Two National Guard armories will open Monday as donation centers.
  • North Carolina, Governor Roy Cooper. Authorized 200 NC Guard engineers to go to PR. Troops left Fort Bragg Friday with supplies. Engineers and troops prepared to be there until the end of October.
  • FloridaGovernor Rick Scott. 
  • MarylandGovernor Larry Hogan.
  • Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf.
  • Massachusetts, Governor Charlie Baker. 
  • Iowa, Governor Kim Reynolds.

Cleveland - Local impact, responses and resources

Club San Lorenzo, (216) 651-0535, W 33rd St, Cleveland, OH 44109

Club Alma Yaucana, (216) 241-764,  W 25th St Cleveland, Ohio 44113

The Spanish American CommitteeMulti-servives, provides five core programs that help clients with family support and childcare services, financial literacy education and training, housing education and guidance, employment training and services, and adult education opportunities such as English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and the only Spanish-language GED program in Ohio.
Red Cross Safe and Well.

The Red Cross Safe and Well website - Allows people to list their own status and allows friends and family to search for messages from their loved ones.

English -
Spanish -

CONDOLENCES to the Cleveland relatives of:
  • Harold Cancel Rosa.
  • Father of Clevelander and Executive Director of Esperanza Inc., Victor Ruiz.

Prayer vigils, rallies and events:
Several fundraising events, prayer vigils and rallies have been organized at Club Alma Yaucana, La Sagrada Familia Church, Julia De Burgos Cultural Arts Center,  Mt Zion Baptist Church in Oakwood Village in affiliation with United Pastors in Mission.  A large fund raising event is currently being planned by a collaboration of organizations - call Club San Lorenzo, (216) 651-0535 for more information and to volunteer.

Public Education - Cleveland's Hispanic and our majority-minority Puerto Rican community.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Councilman Cummins Receives New Endorsements going into November 7th General Election

Pick’s up Mayor Jackson, Christian Omar Medina, C.A.M.E.O., and Stonewall Democrats

CONTACT: Brian Cummins, 216-333-5453,

CLEVELAND, 9/20/2017:  Today, Councilman Brian Cummins announced several new endorsements of his campaign for a 4th term and re-election to Cleveland City Council’s Ward 14.

New endorsements have been received from Mayor Frank G. Jackson, Ward 14 Primary Candidate Christian Omar Medina, Cleveland Stonewall Democrats and the Cleveland American Middle East Organization.  The full endorsement list includes:

·       Cleveland Teachers Union
·       Cleveland Building & Construction Trades Council
·       The Plain Dealer,
·       Mayor Frank G. Jackson
·       Christian Omar Medina, 2017 Primary Election Candidate, Ward 14 Council
·       Cleveland American Middle East Organization (C.A.M.E.O.)
·       Cleveland Stonewall Democrats

Upon receiving the endorsement Cummins stated,

“I appreciate the endorsements from these individuals and organizations. I will continue to work hard to serve our mutual interests for the benefit of our community and the City of Cleveland.”

In endorsing Cummins, Mayor Jackson stated,

"I support Councilman Brian Cummins for re-election because of his leadership and advocacy, which has led us to target the Clark-Fulton neighborhood for special bond funding over the next few years... one of only four projects to be selected for focused neighborhood investment. Councilman Cummins' experience and dedication serve the neighborhoods of Ward 14 well."

The Administration announced in July that it will target $4 Million to support the W. 25th Street Corridor and related La Villa Initiatives. The initiatives began in 2010 when Cummins was elected to the new Ward 14.

Cummins’ work has been instrumental in initiating these projects.  He has worked closely with neighborhood organizations and leaders in the Latino Community in developing La Villa Hispana a commercial and residential district that celebrates the Latino cultures of its residents and business owners. The district is centered at W. 25th Street and Clark Avenue.

Cleveland City Council together with Mayor Jackson established a $25 Million bond fund for investment in neighborhoods in 2015.  The Mayor’s announcement in July followed meetings and lobbying by Councilman Cummins and partners and organizations including Councilman Joe Cimperman, the Hispanic Business Center, Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization, Metro West Community Development Organzation, Hispanic Alliance and MetroHealth Systems.

Regarding the Mayor’s support Cummins stated,

“I want to acknowledge Mayor Jackson’s leadership and accomplishments. He has always valued using public funds to attract private funding and investment to projects of merit.”

Christian Omar Medina was one of three Latino candidates that ran in the Ward 14 Primary Election.  In making his endorsement Medina said,

"I endorse Brian Cummins because he is the most qualified candidate to do the job... In this election ethnicity is not a factor. Ethics, experience and integrity are. Councilman Cummins will continue bringing resources into our community. And he will build on established relationships to move forward important projects like La Villa Hispana and others... continuing progress for everyone in all of our neighborhoods."

Councilman Cummins was first elected to Council in 2005 to serve Ward 15, which was comprised of portions of the neighborhoods of Old Brooklyn and Brooklyn Centre.  In 2009 he won his second term to council to serve a re-districted Ward 14, which was made up of portions of Brooklyn Centre, Tremont, Clark-Fulton and Stockyard.  In 2013 Cummins won a third term and picked up portions of the West Boulevard neighborhood. Beginning in 2014 Ward 14 was extended westward from W. 17th to W. 47th to
W. 97TH Street.  This year’s re-election marks the first time Councilman Cummins is running to serve the same geographical Ward boundries he has served in a previous term.

Councilman Cummins is a graduate of Cleveland State University. His varied career includes 6-years with National City Bank’s Trust Division, 10-years affiliated with the Peace Corps, as a Volunteer with his wife Gayle, and then time served as a technical trainer and Administrative Director. Upon his return to the United States in 2009, Cummins served as the Chief Financial Officer of the Community Shelter Board in Columbus, Ohio, before retuning to Cleveland in 2001 to serve as the Director of the Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation. Councilman Cummins lives in the Historic Brooklyn Centre neighborhood with his Wife Gayle and daughters Adalyne and Tatum.

- # -

Monday, September 11, 2017

2017 Ward 14 Street Improvements and street conditions rankings

Street resurfacing in Ward 14 will begin tomorrow, Tuesday, September 12th.

In addition to the City's Public Announcement, see below for a list and ranking of the worst streets in Ward 14 as well as the list of streets completed in 2015 and 2016.  The Ward 14 office works closely with the Department of Public Works and we conduct our own separate field inspection each year that are then compared with the City's lists to help determine what gets done each year.

If you have a question about the street ranking and status of pavement of your street, please call our office at 216-664-4238.

City Announces Neighborhood Street Improvements
Number of street improvement projects increase in 2017 

CLEVELAND – Improvements to City of Cleveland streets will begin (Weather Dependent) Tuesday, September 12th in Ward 14. Advance notice signs will be posted to advise the public of road improvements.  The following streets will be resurfaced and completed by the end of October 2017:
  • W. 62nd Street (Denison Avenue – Storer Avenue)
  • Mapledale Avenue (W. 36th Street – Pearl Road)
  • W. 86th Street (Wentworth Avenue – Denison Avenue)
  • W. 48th Street (House # 3590 – House #3609)
  • W. 33rd Street (Denison Avenue – School Driveway)
  • W. 56th Street (Denison Avenue – Eichorn Avenue)
One lane of traffic will be maintained for local traffic for the duration of each project and no detours are expected. Access to all businesses, residences and side streets will be maintained during construction.  On-street parking will not be allowed during construction.

2017 Road Resurfacing Projects:
Mayor Frank G. Jackson’s enhanced budget, made possible by Issue 32, allows the City to embark on more street improvement projects in 2017 than previous years. Projects span all City neighborhoods and wards.

Highlights about this year’s road work:

  • Street resurfacing began April 27 and will continue through the summer, weather permitting. The first resurfacing project was in Ward 4 on Parkview Avenue near the intersection of Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.
  • Potholes are serviced year round, weather permitting.  The Department of Public Works has increased its pothole crews from three to 10 as a result of the passage of Issue 32.
  • This year, with the completion of the Pavement Management Study the City has a graded system that allows streets in the greatest need of resurfacing to be selected. The City is using the worst first approach to road resurfacing.
  • City projects it will resurface 95 streets this year.
  • City is also investing in preventive maintenance on recently resurfaced streets to extend roadways’ high condition rating  
For questions, contact the City’s Chief Construction Inspector, Ms. Traci Hartnett-Mercado at (216) 244-5636.

Editor’s Note: Road construction invariably presents hazards to the public. All travelers are urged to use caution in construction zones. Public safety and the safety of our workers is a top priority.

About the City of Cleveland 

The City of Cleveland is committed to improving the quality of life for its residents by strengthening neighborhoods, delivering superior services, embracing diversity and making Cleveland a desirable, safe city in which to live, work, play, and do business. For more information on the City of Cleveland, visit online at, Twitter at @cityofcleveland or Facebook at  Also see the city's blog at Straight from City Hall
News and Information from the City of Cleveland

-- # --

La Villa Hispana Action Plan approved by Cleveland City Planning Commission

La Villa Hispana's Action Plan as presented and approved at the October 21st, 2016 Cleveland City Planning Commission.

The above action plan was developed out of work that started in 2012.  In May 2015, the La Villa initiative team began making a series of presentations to Cleveland Mayor Fran G. Jackson's administration and Cleveland City Council's Leadership.  The following is an early presentation of the planning and project developments.

YOU ARE INVITED - AFFORDABLE HOUSING Ribbon Cutting for the $10 Million adaptive re-use of The Lofts at Lion Mills - Thurs. @ 3:00 pm

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the The Lofts at Lion Mills, 3256 West 25th Street,  Thursday, September 14th from 3:00 pm- 5:00 pm followed by delicious local food and festive music!

You are invited to Thursday's ribbon cutting of the Lofts at Lion Mills project - an $10 million rehabilitation project that creates 36-units of updated and affordable housing units.   The apartments with be available to those earning 30 to 60 percent of the area’s median income. And rents will range from $275 to $625 a month.

Come help celebrate the completion of this important project that helps provide new updated affordable housing in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood, injecting investment as part of our W. 25th Street Corridor project that began in 2010.

Since that time there has been more than $75 Million worth of investments on the corridor with recent projects that include  the $4 Million Fresenius Dialysis Clinic which is a partnership between Fresenius Company, MetroHealth, and the Cleveland Clinic and the Horizon Education Center - a new $4 Million early learning facility providing much-needed high quality early education seats to our community.  And most recently the city has designated Clark-Fulton and La Villa Hispana as one of the areas targeted for the Healthy Neighborhoods Bond Funding.

Stay tuned for an update on our speaker's list for this event and clear your schedule to come and help celebrate from 3:00 to 5:00 pm on Thursday.


Friday, September 1, 2017

POLICY FOR LOCAL PROGRESS, Case Studies & Best Practices from Around the Country

In 2012 I joined with 40 other progressive elected officials from around the country and together with support from organizations such as the Center for Popular Democracy, PolicyLink, AFL-CIO and SEIU International, the organization has grown to now support more than 600 elected officials, from 328 municipalities in 41 states.

Over the years Local Progress has helped pull together best practices from around the country covering issues including:

Recently Local Progress published the 2017 Policy Book.  Progress can be made locally, in our state and nationally.  Local Progress together with organizations such as Policy Matters and Ohio Organizing Collaborative work towards sustained improvements in living standards for working families.

Specifically in Cleveland, leadership training, organizing and community project development is being provided through programs such as Neighborhood ConnectionsNeighborhood Leadership Institute, and Cleveland Leadership Center programs.

Local Progress 2017 Policy Book by Brian Cummins on Scribd

Friday, August 18, 2017

Clark Avenue Improvements and Upgrades Continue - Lorain Avenue to West 41st Street

Å new traffic pattern will be implemented on Clark Avenue beginning Tuesday, August 22nd as part of the ongoing road improvements and upgrades on Clark Avenue from Lorain Avenue to W41Street.  See the notice below for details.

08 18 2017 - Clark Avenue Improvements and Upgrades - Dtw Edits by Brian Cummins on Scribd

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Four New Affordable Housing Projects in Cleveland

Very excited to share the news of the approval of four new affordable housing projects in Cleveland representing a 10-year investment of more than $34 million.  Two of the four projects are in neighborhoods that make up parts of Ward 14 - 1) $5.8 million, 22 new-construction affordable homes, to be built in the the International Village, Dream Neighborhood located in parts of Stockyard and Clark Fulton and 2) $12.8 million new 71-unit Permanent Supportive Housing Project to be built on the site of the former YMCA on Pearl Road in Brooklyn Centre.

The International Village homes will be built on vacant lots in the area within a half-mile radius centered by the Thomas Jefferson Newcomers Academy; bordered by Fulton Road to the east, W. 58th to the West, Train Avenue to the North and Storer Avenue to the South, situated in the Stockyard and Clark Fulton neighborhoods.

These projects represent the results of three to five years of work involving stabilizing these neighborhoods, developing partner relationships and strategies to build on the work we have done in the areas of blight removal through demolition - over 400 homes since 2010, and rehabilitation of more than 140 homes in the Stockyard, Clark Fulton and Brooklyn Centre neighborhoods.


Thursday, July 6, 2017

How citizens can help deal with the nuisance problem of illegal 4-wheelers, motorcycles, ATVs.

by Brian Cummins on Scribd

Home Dedication of Habitat for Humanity rehab on W. 52nd Street this Saturday

In partnership with Habitat for Humanity and First Federal Lakewood, the community is invited to another home dedication at newly rehabbed home located at 3511 West 52nd Street.

To-date Habitat for Humanity has completed rehabs on 12-homes and provided assistance to 45 home owners for exterior repairs.  The work is being done in a concentrated area between Clark and Denison Avenues between W. 51st and W. 54th Street.

See the flyer below for this Saturday's home dedication, the initial 2015 blog post explaining the initiative and a video created to explain Habitat for humanity's work which now includes the Stockyard neighborhood as a major focus for rehabs, exterior repairs with an overall goal of improving and strengthening the Stockyard neighborhood's housing, including increasing affordable houses for purchase and increasing home ownership.


Also see:

Volunteers revitalize west side neighborhood
More than 100 volunteers fanned out along West 52nd Street in Cleveland Sunday to revitalize the city's Stockyards neighborhood.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Planning for a review of greens space and parks and recreation assets in Ward 14

The Ward 14 office, together with staff from the Metro West Community Development Organization and  Cleveland Planning Commission, are continuing to review the conditions of our community greens spaces and parks.  This past year we were able to plant over 120 trees along the Denison Avenue area from Brooklyn Centre, through Clark Fulton, and Stockyard neighborhoods.

Johanna Hamm was instrumental in the tree plantings and also led an initiative to install a reading garden and pocket park adjacent to the Fulton Road Library - see the article on that project posted here.  In addition, the Ward 14 office has also worked to have two traffic median strips installed on the ends of the Pearl Road/W. 25th Street bridge over I-71.  The median strips have been planted with trees and grasses to soften the entrances and exits to the freeway as well as to the Clark Fulton and Brooklyn Centre neighborhoods.

We'll be continuing with this work this year in reviewing the conditions and opportunities for improvements to the following parks and green spaces:

Our work is being complemented by the City's Planning Commission efforts to develop maps demonstrating where there is or not access to green space and recreation facilities.  They've begun work on mapping all city parks and recreation facilities and will be working to add school playground and play fields to better demonstrate and visualize are greens space and parks assets and where we should consider strengthening and adding amenities.  We also plan on adding to the maps the locations of active community gardens.  Although there are not a lot of resources for green space and recreation facilities improvements, with the City's enhanced budget it is expected that each of the 17-wards will be receiving $75,000 that can be used for such improvements.

It is expected that this summer we'll be scheduling community meetings for the areas of the neighborhoods closest to these sites to get input from residents on improvements and amenities they would like to see.  In meetings over the past few years there has been a lot of debate about the possibility of installing new basketball courts, or advocating for a soccer-field and even mini-skateboard-park amenities as well as more standard playground equipment for younger children as well as benches and seating areas.

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns regarding green space and parks please call our office at 216-664-4238.