Thursday, February 27, 2014

City of Cleveland, Mayor's Estimated 2014 Budget

The following is a brief summary of highlights and graphs of the City's 2014 budget.  Below the graphs is a copy of the Council's budget summary document that helps provide analysis and summary of important issues and a copy of the budget (497 pages).

Recommended reading - Mayor's Letter of Transmittal, see page 2 in the budget book below.

General Fund:

2013 Unaudited Summary:

$  50,559,000  Beginning Balance 2013
$513,698,000  Revenue
$515,594,000  Expenditures
$       639,000  Decertifications
$  49,303,000  Ending Balance 2013

2014 Mayor's Estimated:

$  49,303,000  Beginning Balance 2014
$493,777,000  Revenue
$540,289,000  Expenditures
$                      Decertifications
$    2,791,000  Ending Balance 2014

General Fund Revenue and Expenses 2005 - 2014 Estimate:
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General Revenue Trend Detail 2012-2014:


Change in Local Government Fund 2007 - 2014:

TOTAL City of Cleveland Budget: General Fund & Enterprise Funds:

Department of Building & Housing Budget Presentation 2.27.2014

The following is the presentation from the City's Department of Building & Housing to Cleveland City Council as a part of the City's budget hearings.


Budget Goal:  ...implement strategies designed to stabilize neighborhoods and support market recovery.

2013 Performance Outputs:

  • Inspections 2013:  12,899 requests- over half were inspections of vacant houses.
    • 93,715 total property inspections, requests, condemnations, permits etc...
  • Demolitions: 1,087 at a cost of $9.8 million.
    • Since 2006 7,604 demolitions at a cost of more than $59 million.
  • Structures awaiting demolition:  2,500; 750 more condemned structures in final legal review.
  • Boarded & secured: 4,102 structures.
  • Court filings: 1,323.
  • Nuisance abatement costs prepared for billing, recovered or certified to the real estate tax duplicate in 2013: $15.9 million.
  • Comprehensive vacant property inventory: 8,362 structures.
    • 7,513 (89%) residential structures (1 to 3 units).
    •    198 mixed use structures.
    •    290 commercial structures.
  • Construction Permits: 15,746 with a value of $900 million.
  • Construction plans received and reviewed: 2,109.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

City Council members Cummins and Polensek request additional information on proposed use of sin tax as related to City's stadium debt obligations

The following is a memo from Cleveland City Councilman Brian Cummins and Michael Polensek to Council President Kevin J. Kelley requesting information regarding negotiations and discussions of the City of Cleveland's $128 million debt obligation for the repayment of bonds for the construction of FirstEnergy Stadium.

The memo seeks additional information and requests stronger Council and Mayoral actions in ensuring that parties to the proposed sin-tax renewal (estimated at $260 million) consider the payment of the City's debt obligation as the primary use.

In addition, the memo seeks to encourage discussion about other forms of revenue that could help pay for obligations.  Additional information about other revenues, i.e., increase of the admission tax, new facility use fee, payments in lieu of taxes, multi-county/regional asset tax will be provided in future posts.

Monday, February 17, 2014

More snow on the way - City of Cleveland Winter Readiness and Response Levels

As the record snow fall continues in Cleveland, there is another winter weather advisory for this evening through tomorrow morning with 3 to 5" of snow being forecasted.

The following Winter Readiness and Response Levels were provided from Mayor Jackson's Administration in early February at the end of the last serious snow storm.

For storms that generate more than 4" of snow, the Administration targets snow removal goals of 8 to 12 hours once snow ends on all main and secondary streets and, from 36 to 48 hours for clearing of residential streets.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 City of Cleveland HUD/CDBG Hearings Summary Info

The following information and documents are provided to assist in sharing information regarding the City of Cleveland's funding received under the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)/Community Development Block Grant program.


Tuesday, 2.11.2014
  • Presentation on "Estimating the Effect of Demolishing Distressed Structures in Cleveland, OH, 2009-2013.  Impacts on Real Estate Equity and Mortgage-foreclosure".
  • Neighborhood Development Activities (funding distributed per Ward Council member).
  • General Administration.
  • Code Enforcement and Demolition.
  • Fair Housing and Consumer Affairs.
  • Commercial Revitalization Storefront Renovation.
  • Community Development Corporations; CDC Operating Support, Citywide Development Support Agencies.  Applications are due from CDC’s on 3.7.2014.

Wednesday & Thursday, 2.12-13.2014
  • Land Reutilization; Land Bank, Lot Clean Up, Community Gardens.
  • CDBG AIDS Prevention and Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA).
  • Housing Programs.
  • Housing Repair Assistance Programs.
  • Emergency Solutions Grant Program & CDBG Homeless Services.
  • Public Service Programs, Third Party Social Services.
  • Reconciliation.
Department of Community Development 2014 Consolidated Plan, representing program descriptions and recommended allocations in the amount of $26,098,000. [full budget document].

[See summary information below]

[Summary Overview, full report to be posted]

Estimating the Effect of Demolishing Distressed Structures in Cleveland, OH, 2009-2013.  
Impacts on Real Estate Equity and Mortgage-foreclosure.  Western Reserve Land Conservancy.