Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cleveland Ward 14 community development services and funding update

I'm pleased to report that our Ward 14 Ward Office is now up and running.  We are located at 3167 Fulton Road, Suite 305, located in the Lin Omni Building close to St. Rocco's Parish.  Our primary phone number utilized for City Hall, 216-664-4238 will be utilized at the Ward office.

The following are the Cleveland Ward 14 funding allocations to-date for 2010/2011.  There will be additional authorizations as indicated in the notes below, but the major funding allocations for community development services have been made.

Currently, community development services are being provided by the following organizations – see below.  Note that residents of Ward 14 living from W. 25th Street going east to Tremont are serviced by the Tremont West Development Corporation (TWDC).  All other areas as of July 1st, are now serviced by a New Community Development Services Office administered by the Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization (DSCDO).

Ohio City Near West Development Corporation (OCNW) and the Brooklyn Centre Community Association (BCCA) are also providing services.  All of these organizations are currently in the process of working with our Council office and Neighborhood Progress Inc., in developing better collaboration and comprehensive services for Ward 14 and the Stockyards neighborhood.

Councilmen Matt Zone and Jay Westbrook, of Wards 15 & 16 respectively, are also assisting and supporting the development the new service model.

  • Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization, 216-961-4242
Service Area:  Stockyards, Clark-Fulton and Ward 14 portions of Brooklyn Centre and Ohio City.  
  • New Community Development Services Office (SCFBC)- Megan Meister, Program Director, 3167 Fulton Road, Suite 303, Lin Omni Building (a/o 8/1/2010).
  • Tremont West Development Corporation, 216-575-0920,
Service Area:  Ward 14 portion of Tremont; Code Enforcement for parts of Clark Metro and Ward 14 portion of Ohio City
  • Brooklyn Centre Community Association, 216-644-0471, Services/Area:  Code enforcement for Ward 14 portions of Brooklyn Centre, Stockyards and portions of Clark-Fulton
Note the most recent developments for community development services -- Gail Long (formerly of Merrick House) and Jim Pelikan are being contracted through Neighborhood Progress Inc. to assist in developing our new community development service model.  Cleveland City Council and NPI will share the cost of the consultancy.

In addition, Megan Meister, formerly of Stockyard's Redevelopment Organization (SRO) has been named Program Director for the new service model organization. NPI is anticipated to authorize $40,000 to assist in the funding of the new service model.  Adam Gifford (also formerly of SRO) has also been hired.  There are plans for a total of 5 to 6 staff members; three to work primarily on outreach/organizing and general housing rehab program services and three to work on vacant lot, code enforcement and neighborhood services.  Generally these services are viewed as stabilization services and commercial development and future housing project development services are anticipated to be covered by TWDC and DSCDO.

Gail Long and Jim Pelikan are in the process of planning to contacting neighborhood leaders for preliminary meetings to begin the development of a neighborhood participation strategy, i.e., Advisory Committee for the new service model.  Public meetings will follow.  A draft neighborhood leadership list is being worked on that will include active block club and civic associations, social service and other non-profits and faith-based organizations leaders.  Anyone residing in the new service area that would like to be added to the list can contact our office or Megan Meister at 216-961-4242.

In addition to working on increasing community participation with resident groups, we are also working with Lucy Torres, Hispanic Liason for the Mayor's Community Relations Board, WIRE-Net and the NEOhio Chamber of Commerce in meeting with and collaborting with area churches, clubs, and businesses.  Social service agencies will also play a major role in identifying community needs, mapping their service areas and ultimately collaborating to ensure all members of the community can take full advantage of service being provided.


 $471,000  Balance of Funds (Ward 14)

      3,000         *OBCDC/Brookside/SCR Food Program (Nov/Dec 2009)
    15,000         *Esperanza
      1,000         *Greater Cleveland Volunteers RSVP - (tutoring)
         500          Cleveland/Walk&Roll
  100,000          Tremont West Development Corp
  300,000          Detroit Shoreway Comm Development Org
      2,000          Neighborhood Progress Inc. (NPI),
                         Community Participation/Advisory Committee contract
      5,000          Ohio City - Assistance in Community Organzing/Saftey for
                         Barber-Vega area of Ohio City/Ward 14.
    10,000         *Merrick House

Other organizations being considered for funding as programs and funding balances are confirmed ($2,000 - $10,000):

                        *Julio DeBurgos
                        *Art House
                          Cleveland Restoration Society
                          Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for NEOhio
                        *Hispanic UMADAOP
                        *Brookside Center
                          Hispanic Alliance
                          Cleveland Tenants Organization
                        *Ohio City Bike-coop
                        *Senior Citizens Resources
                        *City Music

 $436,500         TOTAL 2010/2011 Authorizations

   $34,500         Current un-spent/authorized balance


  1. * Indicates Social Service programs, note that there is $61,500 available for year 2010/2011 social services programs. Depending on de-certification of funds from previous contracts this amount may be able to be increased.
  2. There is currently a review of contracts that will be closed-out from previous years and un-spent balances will revert back to the Ward 14 allocation.  There will be a report issued once that process is complete and the balances re-confirmed along with new authorized amounts for services.
  3. There are $0 dollars allocated to Council/Wards for street resurfacing.  The Street's Dept. is overseeing a City budget that will repair/patch streets throughout the City based on a pavement management system initiated 2-years ago.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Former Ward 14 and 15 Development Funding 2006 - 2009

Here are the funding records for the past four years for the Community Development Block Grant, Neighborhood Development Activity funds for the former Wards 14 and 15.  These are the CDBG funds that are provided to each Ward under the Council person's authority for development needs in the Wards.  Note that in addition to these funds there were or are also the following funding sources that are utilized by Council members and Community Development and Service organizations:

  • City of Cleveland's Competitive CDBG Grants for both physical development and social services; Administered by the Department of Community Development - (Community Development Block Grant, U. S. Dept of Housing & Urban Development)
  • Neighborhood Equity Funds (a one time funding source created in 2001 that provided $1 million per ward). 
  • Infrastructure Bond Funding, i.e., Roads & Bridges, Parks & Recreation.

If you have any questions regarding this information please contact me at:
216-664-4238, bcummins [at] clevelandcitycouncil [dot] org


Brian Cummins
Councilman, new Ward 14
Cleveland City Council

Former Ward 14 Funding 2006 - 2009
Original Yr. 32 (2006) NDA Allocation          400,000
Original Yr. 33 (2007) NDA Allocation          400,000
Original Yr. 34 (2008) NDA Allocation          400,000
Original Yr. 35 (2009) NDA Allocation          400,000
ADD: Program years 2001-2003 reprogramming          138,754
ADD: decertified balances from completed projects          114,381
TOTAL BUDGET      1,853,135
Former Ward 14 Funding 2006 - 2009
06/09/06Ward 16 Fund swap            10,000
09/12/06Tremont West Development Corporation-CDC          135,000
09/20/06Merrick House Senior Services              5,000
09/20/06Cleveland Tenants Organization              5,000
09/26/06Julia DeBurgos Cultural Arts Center-Youth            10,000
09/27/06Ohio City Near West Development Corp-CDC            20,000
09/27/06Flats Oxbow Association-CDC            30,000
09/28/06Cleveland Restoration Society            20,000
10/16/06Stockyard Redevelopment Organization-CDC            92,000
12/05/06City of Cleveland Health Dept: AIDS Outreach              3,100
02/16/07Cuyahoga Land Trust-Near West Side            15,000
02/22/07Stockyard Redevelopment-Holiday Food Program              5,000
03/08/07Western Reserve Fire Museum & Education Ctr              3,500
07/25/07Cleveland Tenants Organization              5,000
07/26/07Stockyard Redevelopment Organization-CDC            92,000
07/30/07Esperanza: Summer Reading Youth             35,000
07/30/07Flats Oxbow Association-CDC            30,000
08/03/07Ohio City Near West Development Corp-CDC            20,000
08/08/07Tremont West Development Corp-CDC            75,000
08/20/07Cleveland Neighborhood Development Corp              1,500
08/21/07Cleveland Restoration Society            20,000
08/23/07Hispanic Business Association            20,000
08/31/07Merrick House Senior Services Program              5,000
09/11/07Ward 14 Sidewalk Assessment Program            42,315
09/11/07Julia DeBorgos Cultural Arts Center            35,000
09/11/07City of Cleveland Health Dept: AIDS Outreach              1,000
02/19/08St. Rocco's School: Day Care Meals            10,000
03/03/08Spanish American Committee: Housing Counseling            35,000
06/18/08Esperanza, Inc.: Youth Summer Reading Prog            35,000
07/16/08Ohio City Near West Development Corporation            55,000
07/23/08Flats Oxbow Association: CDC            35,000
08/21/08Tremont West Development Corp: CDC            75,000
08/21/08Stockyard Redevelopment Organization: CDC            92,000
09/26/08Cleveland Tenants Organization              5,000
10/17/08Hispanic Business Association            20,000
11/12/08Cleveland Restoration Society            20,000
12/12/08West Shore Corridor Planning Support: Railroad                 200
04/01/09Tremont west Dev. Corp.            23,250
04/13/09Fund swap with ward 4            62,000
07/07/09Western Reserve Fire Museum & Education Ctr                 300
07/28/09Stockyard Redevelopment Corporation: CDC            31,000
07/16/09Flats Oxbow-CDC            40,000
07/16/09RSVP of Greater Cleveland-Experience Corps              1,000
08/07/09Ward 14 Street Improvements          106,256
08/11/09Slavic Village: 2009 Walk & Roll                 500
08/12/09Tremont West Development Corp-CDC-Yr. 35          120,000
08/19/09Ward 18 Funds transfer            50,000
08/26/09Ohio City Near West Development-CDC-Yr. 35            55,000
08/31/09Stockyard Redevelopment Organization            92,000
09/14/09Esperanza, Inc.: Stay In School Program            60,000
10/08/09Tremont West-Storefront Renovations-Yr 35            21,750
10/15/09Cleveland Restoration Society            30,000
10/21/09Hispanic Business Association            20,000
 Total projects funded      1,830,671
 Current uncommitted balance            22,464

Former Ward 15 2006 - 2009
Community Development Block Grant Neighborhood Development Activity Funding (CDBG NDA)
Original Yr. 32 (2006)CDBG NDA Allocation                  400,000
Original Yr. 33 (2007) CDBG NDA Allocation                  400,000
Original Yr. 34 (2008) CDBG NDA Allocation                  400,000
Original Yr. 35 ( 2009) CDBG NDA Allocation                  400,000
ADD: Program years 2001-2003 reprogramming                  357,482
ADD: Decertified balances from completed projects                  244,609
TOTAL BUDGET              2,202,091

Former Ward 15 2006 - 2009
CDBG NDA allocations 2008 - 2009
02/22/06Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation                    20,000
04/20/06Neighborhood Leadership Cleveland                      2,400
08/02/06WSEM: Brookside Center                      2,994
08/11/06Cleveland Public Theater: Student Enrichment Program                      2,500
09/06/06Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation                  300,000
09/20/06Merrick House Senior Services                      3,000
09/20/06Cleveland Tenants Organization                      5,000
09/26/06Senior Citizens Resources: Transportation                      6,000
09/26/06Senior Citizens Resources: Elderly                      6,000
09/28/06Cleveland Restoration Society                    15,000
11/17/06Hispanic Business Association                      6,000
03/08/07Western Reserve Fire Museum & Education Ctr                      1,000
07/05/07Cleveland Public Theater: Student Enrichment Program                      2,500
07/25/07Cleveland Tenants Organization                      5,000
07/25/07Old Brooklyn: Wards 15 & 16 Master Plan                    65,000
08/08/07Old Brooklyn-CDC: Lower Big Creek Plan                    23,500
08/14/07Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation                  273,500
08/20/07Cleveland Neighborhood Development Corp                      3,000
08/21/07Cleveland Restoration Society                    15,000
08/23/07OBCDC: Southwest Citizens/Brooklyn Centre Comm Assoc.                      6,000
08/23/07Hispanic Business Association                      5,000
08/31/07Merrick House-Senior Services Program                      3,000
09/11/07Senior Citizens Resources: Transportation                      7,000
09/14/07Senior Citizens Resources: Elderly Nutrition                      6,000
10/16/07Ohio Bicycle Co-op (Youth Program)                      2,500
12/31/07Old Brooklyn Community Dev CDC: Food Program                      2,000
04/10/08Cleveland Scholarship Prog. Financial Aid                      1,000
06/05/08Old Brooklyn: Ward 15 Home Repair-Matching Grant                    30,000
7/14/2008West Side Ecumenical Ministry: Food Center                      5,000
7/14/2008Old Brooklyn CDC : Security & Crime Watch (Patrols)                    25,000
7/16/2008West Side Ecumenical Ministry: Food Center                      2,000
07/16/08Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation                  224,000
08/14/08Cleveland Public Theater: Student Enrichment Program                      4,000
09/05/08Senior Citizens Resources: Elderly Nutrition                      6,000
09/05/08Senior Citizens Resources: Transportation                    10,000
09/18/08Hull & Associates: Landfill Environmental Analysis                      4,900
09/25/08YMCA: Walk & Roll Cleveland 2008                      1,000
09/26/08Cleveland Tenants Organization                      5,000
10/10/08Brooklyn Centre Community Assistance: Housing/Code Enforce                    82,009
10/10/08Cuyahoga River Community Planning: Big Creek                      1,500
10/17/08Hispanic Business Association                      5,000
11/12/08Cleveland Restoration Society                    15,000
12/12/08West Shore Corridor Planning Support: Westshore Rail Corridor                      1,000
01/14/09Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation                      6,000
03/13/09Old Brooklyn Community Dev CDC: Food Program                      2,000
06/23/09Old Brooklyn Community Dev Corp: CDC                  233,516
07/02/09Cleveland Public Theater: Student Enrichment Program                      4,000
07/16/09Old Brooklyn Community Dev Corp: Safety                    25,000
07/16/09RSVP of Greater Cleveland: Experience Corps - ED Tutoring                      2,000
08/03/09International Services Center: Elderly English 2nd Lang                      1,000
08/11/09YMCA: Walk & Roll Cleveland 2009                      2,000
08/19/09Senior Citizens: Transportation                    10,000
09/01/09Cuyahoga River Community Planning: Big Creek                      4,000
09/14/09Senior Citizens Resources: Elderly Nutrition                      6,000
10/10/09Brooklyn Centre Community Assistance: Housing/Code Enforce                    93,000
10/05/09Old Brooklyn: Ward 15 Home Repair-Matching Grant                    10,000
10/15/09Cleveland Restoration Society                    15,000
10/21/09Hispanic Business Association                    10,000
10/30/09Cleveland Scholarship Program                      1,000
pendingCleveland Public Art (Fulton Rd Bridge Prjct & Masonic Bldg Mural)                  115,000
pendingAmerican Indian Education Center (Rehab 3121 Denison)                  160,500
pendingBrooklyn Centre Community Association (Rehab 3119 Denison)                  225,000
pendingStockyard Redevelopment Organization                    63,000
 Total projects funded              2,199,319
 Current uncommitted balance                      2,772