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MONETARY DONATIONS NEEDED to support Puerto Rico relieve efforts by Greater Cleveland's Puerto Rican community

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In the wake of the catastrophic hurricane that hit the Islands of Puerto Rico on September 20th, Greater Cleveland Puertorriqueños have come together and have collected and palletized 350 skids for relieve efforts for their families and our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico.

We are in immediate need of $30,000 to pay for transportation of those goods to Miami FL, for transport to Puerto Rico.  Individuals from Cleveland's Puerto Rican community are traveling to San Juan this week to do advance work on logistics on the Island in preparation for receipt and distribution once goods arrive.

DONATE $ TO:  The Cleveland, OH - Latinos Unidos Fund - A fund set-up in partnership with Cleveland's Club San Lorenzo, Club Alma Yaucana and Spanish American Committee.

Relieve Efforts in Cleveland

Since Thursday, 9/21/2017 Club San Lorenzo and Club Alma Yaucana have collaborated to receive material donation at Club San Lorenzo.  Volunteers and Club Members have worked tirelessly these past 10-days.

Contributions will continue to be received on Saturdays from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm at Club San Lorenzo, 3121 W 33rd St, Cleveland, OH 44109.  Volunteers are needed during these times.  Please call Club San Lorenzo at 216-651-0535 to sign-up to help with deliveries as well as other volunteer opportunities as they develop.  Volunteers are also needed from 7:00 am - 3:30 pm at the IX-Center, where the goods are being palletized and warehoused.  No donations are being accepted for drop-off at the IX-Center.

The City of Cleveland is working with our local foundations and corporate leaders and we hope to have announcements soon on joint efforts to provide support to relieve efforts.  Those efforts are anticipated to include:
  • Coordination and transport of donations to Puerto Rico.
  • Coordination of monetary contributions for relieve efforts in Puerto Rico.
  • Humanitarian and medical aid for victims of the hurricane.
  • Support for families in Greater Cleveland for crisis intervention and other social services.
  • Support for families from Puerto Rico anticipated to arrive in Cleveland escaping the devastating conditions of the Islands.

Call for Greater Federal Assistance

Speakers at a Prayer Vigil and Rally for Puerto Rico Relief on Saturday held on Public Square called for greater Federal Government Assistance.  That included an end to the 1920's era Jones Act that requires shipments between U.S. Ports to be made by U.S. owned and operated carriers. 

Call for repeal of the Jones Act

Coordination of Federal, State and Local Assistance 
Call for the use of the Ohio National Guard, Ohio State Troopers...

Above and beyond our city's efforts, both public and private, there are calls for coordination of federal, state and local efforts.  One such potential example would be the authorization by President trump and concurrent authorization of Ohio Governor John R. Kasich to deploy the Ohio National Guard to assist in transporting humanitarian aid from Ohio to Puerto Rico.  This would require  authorization of a U.S. Code, Title 32/Title 10 or single Title 10 act.  Ohio has significant military assets that should be deployed, including the Air National Guard 179th Airlift Wing

See: The Role of the National Guard in National Defense and Homeland Security
By Maj. Gen. Timothy J. Lowenberg, National Guard Association of the United States 

"The question is when, not if, the next domestic disaster will occur. The question is also when, not if, federal military forces will be deployed domestically in response to a humanitarian disaster or emergency."

U. S. States deploying National Guard Troops

A quick survey online confirms deployment from the following eight Governors and States:
  • New York, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. More than 600 New York National Guard Soldiers and Airmen were on State Active Duty or federal orders as of September 29, supporting response and recovery efforts in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.  Efforts in the Caribbean were matched by efforts back in New York to collect and ship donations to assist Puerto Rico.  Collection sites at four National Guard armories September 24. Mobilized some 100 personnel, including a transportation platoon and members of the New York Guard State Defense Force. These troops will augment state resources to prepare donations for shipment to Puerto Rico. The first shipment of relief supplies managed by the National Guard departs October 2.
  • New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie. Sending 1,100 emergency responders to Puerto Rico for six-weeks to aid in recovery efforts. Two National Guard armories will open Monday as donation centers.
  • North Carolina, Governor Roy Cooper. Authorized 200 NC Guard engineers to go to PR. Troops left Fort Bragg Friday with supplies. Engineers and troops prepared to be there until the end of October.
  • FloridaGovernor Rick Scott. 
  • MarylandGovernor Larry Hogan.
  • Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf.
  • Massachusetts, Governor Charlie Baker. 
  • Iowa, Governor Kim Reynolds.

Cleveland - Local impact, responses and resources

Club San Lorenzo, (216) 651-0535, W 33rd St, Cleveland, OH 44109

Club Alma Yaucana, (216) 241-764,  W 25th St Cleveland, Ohio 44113

The Spanish American CommitteeMulti-servives, provides five core programs that help clients with family support and childcare services, financial literacy education and training, housing education and guidance, employment training and services, and adult education opportunities such as English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and the only Spanish-language GED program in Ohio.
Red Cross Safe and Well.

The Red Cross Safe and Well website - Allows people to list their own status and allows friends and family to search for messages from their loved ones.

English -
Spanish -

CONDOLENCES to the Cleveland relatives of:
  • Harold Cancel Rosa.
  • Father of Clevelander and Executive Director of Esperanza Inc., Victor Ruiz.

Prayer vigils, rallies and events:
Several fundraising events, prayer vigils and rallies have been organized at Club Alma Yaucana, La Sagrada Familia Church, Julia De Burgos Cultural Arts Center,  Mt Zion Baptist Church in Oakwood Village in affiliation with United Pastors in Mission.  A large fund raising event is currently being planned by a collaboration of organizations - call Club San Lorenzo, (216) 651-0535 for more information and to volunteer.

Public Education - Cleveland's Hispanic and our majority-minority Puerto Rican community.

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