Wednesday, February 27, 2013

$2.7 million ODOT Bridge Replacement of I-71 overpass at W. 25th St./Pearl Road & $7 million Denison Ave. Project announced

Two new infrastructure projects have recently been announced for the Brooklyn Centre, Clark Fulton and Stockyard areas.  The two projects will represent almost $10 million worth of improvements.

Total infrastructure investment in recent years - $66.4 million.

(in $Millions)

$7.0  Denison Avenue, Ridge Road to SR-176 (2013-14)
$2.7  I-71 Bridge overpass at W. 25th/Pearl Road (2013)
$5.3  Fulton Road (2012)
$3.3  MetroHealth Blvd entrance to Hospital (2012)
$0.1  Scranton Road resurface through Hospital area (2012)
$18.4  TOTAL, 3-year period


$48.0  NEW Fulton Road Bridge (2007-2010)
$66.4  TOTAL, 7-year period

I-71 Bridge Overpass

ODOT is set to begin work to replace the I-71 overpass bridge at W. 25th St/Pearl Road.  The work is scheduled to begin next Monday, March 4th with final completion scheduled for  June 2014.  See the details including partial lane and interstate ramp closings below.

Note, for any information about this project, please contact ODOT's communications office at 216-584-2005.

Denison Avenue Utility Upgrade and Repaving Project

Denison Avenue is scheduled for re-pavement from Ridge Road east to State Route 176.  The project is made possible due to Cleveland Public Power's investments in improvements related to increasing the utility's transmission and distribution infrastructure and capacity.  The project will be done in phases beginning in May of this year through November of 2014.  The first phase to be completed in 2013 is from Ridge Road to Fulton Road.  Then Fulton Road to SR-176 will be completed in 2014.  The work will be coordinated to avoid traffic issues with the work described above for the I-71 Overpass at W. 25th Street/Pearl Road, which is scheduled for completion in June 2014.

See the project summary as well as notes from a public meeting held February 5th, 2013.  Note, there will be a follow-up pre-construction meeting in May for this project.  Project partners are working to determine re-routing and signage and an emergency contact will be identified in May from the winning contract bidder on this project.

Here are some details on Cleveland Public Power's Capacity Expansion Program, taken from their 2008 Annual Report.

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