Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How do Cleveland’s community development organizations rank nationally?

Excerpts from a study and ranking of 23 cities

Although the study referenced here is more than a decade old, the methodology and comprehensiveness of issues covered is very useful in understanding the role and impact CDCs can have in a city.

I've been active for the past decade within the industry having directed a CDC and now involved in policy and funding CDC activities.  My observation is that in the last decade, CDCs in Cleveland have continued to evolve in handling even more complex real estate projects and at the other end of the spectrum, some are involved in a renewal of activities related to community outreach and capacity building.  In addition, cooperation and in some cases consolidations have occurred and the scope of services is expanding to include more social issues such as education and economic issues such as workforce.

I encourage you to look at the whole study and to share your perspective on the successes, opportunities and challenges CDCs in Cleveland face.

And, if you're in a outer-ring or outlying suburb what are your resources, both within your city government and your neighborhood or community wide civic wide organizations?

"Community Development Corporations and their Changing Support Systems"December 2002, Copyright © 2002, by, Christopher Walker, The Urban Institute, Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center, 2100 M Street, NW, Washington, DC 20037

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