Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2013 Consolidated Plan City Council Budget Hearing

Community Development Block Grant Budget (CDBG) hearings begin this morning and run through Thursday.  Watch the hearing live at Cleveland Channel 20.  See the previous post regarding CDBG funds for the hearings schedule and demographic information that provides the context for these hearings.

CDBG funds are federal funds issued through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  The City of Cleveland's CDBG allocations are estimated for 2013 at $24.7 million.  This represents the lowest allocation in the program's 39-year history.

2013 CDBG Presentation and budget information,
Department of Building & Housing
Summary excerpts:
2012 marked an unprecedented "push back" against abandoned property.  Some 2012 successes have included a large number of inspections (8,569); condemnation notices (4,478), with several thousands in process; 758 demolitions (housing rehab will be reported in a separate section that details housing); 
Demolition summary, City of Cleveland, from 2006 - 2012; 6,517 structures at a cost of $49.2 million.  Through the County land back, an additional 2,311 properties were demolished in the last two years.  
Total demolitions in the City of Cleveland (City/County) for the 6 year period from 2006 - 2012 were 8,828.  Per the 2010 census there were an estimated 113,000 housing structures (excluding 94,000 multi-family units (45.4%)).  The 8,828 demolitions to-date, represent approximately 5.0 to 7.0% of the housing single-family stock.  Note that the population of Cleveland decreased by 81,000 for the decade 2000 -2010, from 478,000 to 397,000.

The City recovered $700,000 from just three property owners related to nuisance abatements.  There are an additional 92 properties that the City is pursuing owners to recoup $219,000 in demolition costs.

Building & Housing's software, the Accela Automation System was upgraded in 2012 with one noteworthy accomplishment of rental registration data and certificate of disclosure information incorporated into the system.
Initiatives announced for 2013 establishing a "Customer Service Center"; selecting mobile computing devises for use in the field; and implementing an electronic construction plan submittal system.

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