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Cleveland City Council to approve new redistricting plan by April 1, 2013

Redistricting information and maps for Ward 14 and the City of Cleveland

Cleveland City Council is likely to begin hearings, and possibly seek approval by vote, by Monday, March 18th for the required redistricting that will occur this year. The Council will be reduced in size from the current 19 to 17 wards.  New wards, by law have to be approved by April 1st, due to the passage of the re-districting legislation in 2008 and the results of the 2010 census.

Cleveland's 2010 population as reported by the census was 396,830.

For a perspective on the change in Northeast Ohio and Cleveland's population, here is an excellent article by Robert Smith.
Council leadership is responsible for drafting the new redistricting plan. Throughout the past year Council members have provided input to the plan but no citywide plan has been shared with all council members of the public to-date.

Below is a mashup of the PD map showing population loss and our current 19 Wards. Current Ward maps can be found here.

2008 Charter approved redistricting table:

City of Cleveland re-districting formula approved November 2008 requires the number of wards to be determined by estimated population with a ratio of one ward for every 25,000 people.  "The wards so formed shall be as nearly equal in population as may fair and equitable, composed of contiguous and compact territory, and bounded by natural boundaries or street lines.  The 2010 US Census  estimated Cleveland's population at 396,815.

Potential changes for Ward 14

Through recent consultations with Council leadership, Ward 14 district boundaries are expected to retain the current central portions of the ward with the potential of losing areas to the immediate northeast and gaining population to the west.

Discussions about priorities for Ward 14 have included maintaining the highest percentage of Hispanics as possible.  The neighborhoods currently served in Ward 14 represent the most dense and highest number of Hispanics per square mile in the entire State of Ohio.

Since 2010 the percentage of Hispanics has been maintained above 40%.  It is expected that this percentage will drop as the ward expands geographically, but efforts are being made to maintain an Hispanic population above 36%.  Discussions have also included the desire to try to rejoin the east and west sections of the Brooklyn Centre neighborhood.  Below is an excellent map showing the Hispanic population on the near westside where density os greater 1,000 persons per square mile.

Current Ward 14 map:
(All Cleveland Ward Maps can be found here)


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