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ReClaiming Home - A community partnership of faith and caring

ReClaiming Home

A project of SCFBC [Stockyard, Clark Fulton & Brooklyn Centre Community Development Office] in partnership with ioby [in our back yard - a crowd-resourcing platform for citizen-led neighbor-funded projects] and World Changers [an organization that serves churches in their mission of providing experiences for serving others and sharing the gospel so they can change the city…change the world.]

The project goal is to improve 5-homes in 8-days.  Staff of SCFBC have worked previously with World Changers and this summer's project has an ioby twist - to raise locally the funding needed for supplies and materials.  Previously World Changers volunteers helped out painting and repairing local resident's homes but the materials and supplies were purchased by home owners with help from SCFBC and donations from local companies.  This year's project is larger helping five families and homes and SCFBC is attempting to raise awareness and funding from within the Greater Cleveland Community using the ioby crowd-sourcing site.

The total estimated cost for supplies and materials is $6,151.  You can help by donating to the project here - DONATE to SCFBC ReClaiming Home

All five households that are receiving assistance are made up of Seniors who are living on fixed-incomes and several are multi-generational families.  All are long time residents of 20 years or more. The project began in October of 2014 and will be carried out between June and July 2015.  The organizing and housing staff of SCFBC surveyed their service area, selected several locations where there is a great need for exterior home improvements and then door knocked and spoke to area residents to identify some of the neighborhood residents most in need.

ReClaiming Home is yet another project of SCFBC aimed at building community, bringing people and organizations together and collaborating to help some of our most needy and long-time established residents. The project follows previous an ongoing efforts to help residents help themselves and each other. Other projects include the Cleveland Time Bank, Network Nights, NeighborCircles and Skill Share Workshops.  These programs and projects activities can be found on the SCFBC calander and facebookpage.

Cleveland Habitat Launches Multi-Faceted Stockyard Initiative

In addition to ReClaiming Home, SCFBC is also partnering this summer on another non-profit community partnership that will involve Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity and Safeguard Properties.  

For additional information about ReClaiming Homes or the other programs and projects mentioned here, please contact Keisha Gonzalez, Bilingual Community Organizer,

Please share the word on this important community project and be generous and invest/DONATE today.  And, as World Changers says, change the city…change the world!

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SCFBC ReClaiming Home map, locations of five homes.

the project

Reclaiming Home is designed to help residents of the near-westside neighborhoods of Cleveland re-build pride in their home and surroundings through exterior home improvements in partnership with World Changers- Student Construction Trips and the Stockyard, Clark-Fulton, & Brooklyn Centre Community Development Office (SCFBC). World Changers will be assisting these residents by organizing a group of young adults to repair their homes, while the SCFBC facilitates the conversation with residents on needs and visions for their homes.

the steps

Reclaiming Home will take place between July 13-16 and July 20-23, 2015. Achieving the goal of Reclaiming Home will involve 3 key elements: 1. Neighborhood and institution participation to welcome & host World Changer volunteers (5/15/15) 2. Open conversation with resident homeowners about the vision and goals for their home (12/20/14) 3. Financial support for construction materials, dumpsters, facilities, etc. (6/1/15) These steps will bring the community together with volunteers to help instill pride and ownership in the Clark-Fulton & Stockyards neighborhoods

why we're doing it

Living on a low or fixed income makes maintaining a home safe and secure difficult for many residents of the Clark-Fulton and Stockyards neighborhoods. Acknowledging the fundamental human right to housing, security, peace, and dignity, SCFBC and World Changers partnered in this effort to set a catalyst for community pride and ownership. The project will grant 5 homeowners the opportunity to have exterior repairs that would normally be out of their financial means completed.

the homes

It's happening now!

You can help by contributing funds for materials and supplies:

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