Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Statements from Cleveland City Council Members on the Berry, DeJesus and Knight Abduction Cases

     “Although the community is relieved and overjoyed that after so many years these three young women and child have been found alive, it is clear that the some of the most difficult work begins today. As we celebrate their return, investigations into what they have endured in the past decade will begin until all the information is found to convict those who are responsible.
     My heart goes out to the families of these victims and I offer any assistance needed to help them begin a new chapter in their lives. Cleveland City Council will continue to support the Mayor’s Office and law enforcement agencies in their investigation and disseminating information related to this case.”
– Brian Cummins, Cleveland City Council, Ward 14

     "After 10 long years I am overjoyed for Amanda and her family that she is finally free.  Amanda's family and the community have kept this issue in the forefront, never giving up on the hope that Amanda would some day be found.  Thank God this story has a happy ending.  I wish the best to Amanda and her daughter as they begin their new lives."
–  Dona Brady,  Cleveland City Council, Ward 17

     “I cannot express the joy I feel for the DeJesus family. Gina’s disappearance shook my community, but we never gave up on her. I cannot recall the countless times I’ve met with her family to console, to support or to rally. Gina’s parents, Feliz DeJesus and Nancy Ruiz, never accepted the fact that their daughter was gone and this is a testament to their love and faith. To know that not only Gina, but two other women, have been found alive is a Godsend. It is a testament to the strength of these women, these families and of many across Cleveland.”
–  Matt Zone, Cleveland City Council, Ward 15

If anyone has information about this case or about the suspects Ariel, Onil and Pedro Castro, please contact the Cleveland FBI Tips Line at (216) 522-1400

REF:  Cleveland City Council

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