Saturday, May 25, 2013

Response regarding concerns of passage of legislation increasing number of Cleveland traffic cameras

I'm supportive of red light and speed cameras and am most concerned with ensuring safety.

Cleveland traffic red-light and speed cameras camera locationsSource: Cleveland Plain Dealer 
In terms of the two locations on W. 25th Street/Clark and Pearl Road/Denison, both locations are listed as high accident rate intersections (out of 103 intersections), according to the NOACA 2009 Accident Study (PDF):

  • W. 25th Street & Clark - 77 accidents in the three year period (2007-2009), ranked 18th by frequency (19th composite ranking), with 20 resulting injuries; 
  • Pearl & Denison- 58 accidents in the three year period (2007-2009), ranked 36th by frequency (31st composite ranking), with 22 resulting injuries; 
NOTE: Composite ranking include info on accident frequency, property damage, injuries/fatalities and rates per number of vehicles entering intersections.

For arguments I support regarding the use of traffic cameras, please the article regarding the use of cameras in Washington D.C. (April 2013), provided by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. 

See also the NOACA 2009 Accident Study (PDF) that shows that 82% of pedestrian injuries due to car accidents happen within Cuyahoga County (73% bike accidents as well) and specifically in high density urban areas such as neighborhoods in and around W. 25th Street Pearl Road. Interesting to note that over 46 % of these crashes occurred between 3:00 - 9:00 pm.

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