Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Hire and New Programming at Stockyard, Clark-Fulton & Brooklyn Centre Community Development Office

Stockyard, Clark-Fulton & Brooklyn Centre Community Development Offices (SCFBC) recently announced the introduction of the new Community Network Weaving Program.

The Network Weaving Program focuses on connecting and inspiring community members by:
  1. connecting neighbors to neighbors in new ways that supports shared learning and building new relationships; 
  2. connecting local institutions and organizations to each and to our residents to build a neighborhood network where we support each other, share ideas and create what is possible in our neighborhood; and,
  3. connecting our diverse population to create more culturally appropriate methods of engaging with each other.
Through the very generous support of the Cleveland Foundation, SCFBC is able to support a new full time position and new programming throughout our service area. Juliana Cole has been hired as a full time Community Network Weaver. Juliana has been with SCFBC since August, 2011 working as a Community Organizing Intern. In her education, Ms. Cole studied community and social development and has focused her interest on methods of organizing within the scope of community development organizations. Over the past year, Juliana has been working closely with the Community Organizing department at SCFBC to develop a new program that explores our community's assets, skills and new ways of being together.

"The beginning of the Cleveland Foundation's mission statement is "to enhance the lives of all residents of Greater Cleveland...," and this project has great potential to help residents enhance their own lives and the lives of others in the SCFBC neighborhoods. We were impressed with the community planning process that led to the development of the project and believe that aspects of this project may become a model for other neighborhoods in our community." Paul Putman, Program Officer, The Cleveland Foundation.

The Community Network Weaving Program will bring lots of exciting new opportunities for engagement and involvement for everyone in our communities. Look forward to seeing new opportunities and ways of connecting with your neighborhood. Here are just a few ideas and projects that are already in the works:
  • Cleveland TimeBank, exchange your skills and services with your neighbors and take money out of the equation.  Join the Cleveland Time Bank on facebook and mark your calendar for the next Time Bank Potluck meeting being held on January 10th at Archwood UCC in Brooklyn Centre;
  • NeighborCircles, a new way of connecting with neighbors directly on your street to build new relationships and improve trust and safety where you live;
  • Workshop and Learning Series, teach and learn from your neighbors about something you are skilled in such as Pierogi-making, Couponing and more;
  • Near West Side Community Council, help us in providing a supportive community for our youth population;
  • Library Resource tables, monthly resource tables at our public libraries where we can all connect and learn about what is happening in our neighborhood; Network Nights, come and connect with others in the Network to share ideas, interests and start to create with what we already have.
Is there something you look forward to sharing with your community? What are you skilled at that you can teach others? Do you have stories about your community that can help celebrate our neighborhood? SCFBC's door, phone lines and e-mail are open and they are calling on you to share your ideas. Click HERE to check out their Google Calendar which has up to date information about upcoming events, happenings and meetings in our neighborhood. Also check out their Facebook page HERE and find community updates, events and more.

Please contact our Community Network Weaver, Juliana Cole, at (216) 961-9073, ext. 229 or to learn more about the program and to share your thoughts, ideas and vision for the future. Together we can accomplish so much more!

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