Monday, December 17, 2012

CMSD issues Four-Year Strategic Plan, seeks community input on implementing Cleveland Plan

NOTICE - Community Meetings, to discuss The Cleveland Plan: Four-Year Implementation Strategy, 6:00 - 8:00 pm at  John Adams Campus on Wednesday (12.19) and Lincoln-West on Thursday (12.20).  See the flyer below:

On December 4th CEO Eric Gordon provided the Cleveland Board of Education a strategy document titled The Cleveland Plan: Four-Year Implementation Strategy.  He stated that the document will be distributed throughout the community to solicit input and feedback.

“This document will drive our transformation work going forward, and when it’s complete, will be a tool for holding us accountable for results,” he said. “I cannot stress enough how important community feedback and input will be as we refine the document that will guide this important work.”

Over the next six weeks, the CEO said CMSD will aggressively engage in the gathering input throughout the community and will revise the strategies in the plan based on the feedback received. The final version is expected to be presented to the board for adoption in mid- to late-January.

The plan can be viewed below and here - The Cleveland Plan: Four-Year Implementation Strategy, Draft for Public Review, Feedback and Input, December 3, 2012.
Cleveland Metropolitan School District THE CLEVELAND PLAN: Four‐Year Implementation Strategy

Media Coverage:

The first two, of what is expected to be multiple community meetings have been scheduled for this week from 6:00 - 8:00 pm at John Adams Campus on Wednesday and Lincoln-West on Thursday.  See the flyer below:

Facilities Plan Information:
In addition to the 4-year Strategic Plan, the District is also in the process of re-evaluating the Facilities Plan.  The most recent report regarding the Facilities Plan through Phase V can be found here (Master Facilities Plan - Excel file).  See also the latest Bond Accountability Report, Program Progress Update 24, dated July 25, 2012.

Other Voices:
In terms of other alternative voices, as reported in the Plain Press in October,  Ohio Communities United issues a report in September to bring attention to the concerns of parents and education reform advocates.  See the Plain Press article for a report on the document and a copy of the document below.

To learn more about the report, please contact Ohio Communities United at 216-262-6343 and ask for Executive Director Mike Foley or Community Organizer Michael Cook, or email or

Parent group presents its plan at Board of Education meeting
by Chuck Hoven, Plain Press, 10.12.12

(Plain Press, October 2012) Parents of children in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District presented their own educational plan to the Cleveland Board of Education at its September 25th Business Meeting at Tremont Montessori School. The plan titled Speaking Out of School: Parent Voices on Public Education in Cleveland evolved from listening circles involving 100 to 150 Cleveland parents. Working with parents in developing the plan were the community organizing staff of Ohio Communities United. Staff members from the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University and the staff of Innovation Ohio helped with the research and writing of the report that was presented to all the members of the Board of Education.  Click here for full article.

See the 23-page document here:
Speaking Out of School Parents Voices on Public Education in Cleveland