Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday, 9:00 am 11.2.2012 Superstorm Electricity Outage UPDATE

Cleveland Public Power
CPP estimates that less than 500 CPP customers are without power at this time.
If you are still without power please call 216-664-3156. 

As of 10:00 pm last night CPP crews cleared up all known locations of wires down and had restored service to all known pockets of outage areas on the east side of Cleveland. Damaged mainline wires across the City are being cut, removed and replaced.  The west side saw significant downed trees and branches that impacted feeders, mainlines, transformers, cross arms, single service lines down and other ancillary equipment.

Major areas with mainlines and feeders cleared in the last 12-hours include: East 149 and St. Clair; East 127 and Lancelot;  East 55th and East 66th; Stickney & Galaxy Avenue area. There still may be instances of individual outages or new wire down locations that were identified from CPP's overnight survey of locations with wires down. These are all individual locations being addressed today.

A double shift of Trouble crews worked overnight. Mainline wires were installed at three locations on the west side. Service was restored to St. Patrick’s Church on Bridge and cleveland Animal Protective League. The Trouble crews cut mainlines in the clear in 15 locations on the west side based on info received from visits to 144 “wire down” locations. There were 18 verified locations where mainlines will need to be put up (beyond the 15 that were cut in the clear last night).. About a dozen poles still need to be installed as part of the service restoration process.

Once repairs are completed to the overall CPP infrastructure, efforts will turn to individual locations of service disruptions, where problems like wires down to individual houses or fuses blown on individual pole mounted transformers are causing customers to still be without electricity. The exact number of those locations is unknown and will be primarily driven by outage calls from customers in areas where our primary distribution infrastructure has been repaired.

FirstEnergy (for outages cal 888-544-4877)

There are approximately 17,500 FirstEnergy customers remaining without power in the City of Cleveland.  There are estimates of 58,500 homes in Cuyahoga County that are still without power; 1,770 without power in Lorain County, and 3,700 in Lake County.

Workers restored electricity to about 47,000 customers in a 24-hour period that ended mid-afternoon Thursday.