Friday, November 2, 2012

CITY OF CLEVELAND - Situation Report, 11.2.2012

  • Cleveland Public Power: All feeders back online. Focus is now on primary and secondary wires. Poles have been broken. Most remaining outages are individualized. Hope to be completed by Friday night (11/2/12). Approximately 58 crews working. Reports of child fatally energized by down CEI line in Collinwood area. Reporting outages, down lines: 664-3156.
  • WPC: All pumps back online. Flood water receding, 664-2513
  • Water: Delivery not impacted. Brecksville tower is on generator, tree cleaning still ongoing. Small, precautionary, boil alert in Parma for 3 apartment buildings until tomorrow morning.
  • Mayor's Office: CEI outlined plan for City officials. Still about 22,000 customers without power (Cleveland). Have regular calls scheduled with CEI. Public Works has had over 400 calls for service, 26 right-of-ways still blocked, trash collection on time. Recreation centers - 16 in service as of yesterday (10/31/12) evening. Mayor hosted meeting with Council, CPP, CEI. 11/7/12 public utilities committee meeting – response to this storm will be discussed.
  • American Red Cross - Current shelter update as of 2:30 PM: Cleveland (31 occupants), Brooklyn (17 occupants, facility will be open overnight), Mentor (location changed to reception center at Fairport Harbor 8 am-8 pm), Lorain (shelter going to Avon Lake, open about 7 PM, waiting on address), Lakewood (92 occupants). Still calling for warming/sheltering. No reported security issues. 216-431-3010
    SHELTER LOCATIONS:American Red Cross will staff shelters, provide food, and cots for sleeping. 

    •  Solon Community Center, 
    35000 Portz Parkway, Solon•  Rocky River Civic Center21016 Hilliard Rd. , Rocky River•  Helen Brown Center
    16100 Euclid Ave, East Cleveland
    •  Seven Hills Service and Rec Center, 7777 Summitt View Drive, Seven Hills•  Thurgood Marshall Rec Center, 8611 Hough Ave, Cleveland• Garfield Middle School, 13114 Detroit Rd, Lakewood• Bedford Rec Center, 124 Ellenwood Ave, Bedford• Mentor Senior Center, 8484 Munson Rd., Mentor• Brooklyn Senior Center, 7727 Memphis Ave, Brooklyn
  • United Way 211: Will get specific call numbers in AM. Dial 211.
  • Cleveland Public Health: no new info.
  • Law Enforcement: LE Staffing of shelter (Thurgood Marshall) will be maintained. 621-1234,
  • Cuyahoga County OEM: No further community requests to office.
  • EOC JIC: Developed one page resource list (utilities, etc) as requested by City Council. Still pushing health/safety/debris clean-up messaging. Flooding concerns forwarded to Water Pollution Control.
  • Public Safety: Normal operations for Kennel, Police, Fire, EMS. Police maintained at approximately 12 locations with downed wires. Will send out updates every four hours, beginning at 8 AM. Fire IP phones not working. EMS network connection down. Both are being addressed by OIT/ITS.
  • Dept of Aging: Increasing reports of no power to Aging office.