Thursday, February 18, 2016

CLE Water Pollution Control Budget Presentation to Cleveland City Council

The following is the Cleveland Division of Water Pollution Control (WPC, local sewers) budget presentation to Cleveland City Council.  The City's WPC handles all storm and waste water infrastructure within the City's systems, that then feed info the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District's system.  WPC handles all maintenance, property connections, catch basin clean-out and maintenance and servicing of the municipal system.

The Division represents one of the City's multiple Enterprise Funds.  WPC has budgeted for 166 employees and have presented information on a $26.4 million budget.

A detail of the Division's budget can be found on pages 387-394 within the Budget Book.

CLE Water - Budget Presentation to Cleveland City Council

In today's Budget Hearings, Cleveland City Council received a detailed budget presentation from our City's largest Enterprise Fund - Cleveland Division of Water.  Cleveland Water's budget is $315 million.

The Division's 1,138 employees manage 5,200 miles of water mains and related infrastructure including four treatment facilities, 21 water storage facilities, 5/11 major and secondary pumping stations.

The breakdown in employees for the major water work groups consist of:

  • 184, Plant Operations
  • 388, Distribution and Maintenance
  • 103, Engineering
  • 226, Customer Account Services
  • 237, Other functions, i.e., Risk Management, Safety & Security, Regulatory Compliance, Budget & Purchasing, and Information Technology.
A detail of the Division's budget can be found on pages 382-386 within the Budget Book.

Department of Economic Development - Budget Presentation - Report to Council 2016

Wednesday morning marked the second day of budget hearings and they began with one of the star performing Departments of the City - the Department of Economic Development.

The following is the department's 2016 report to Council.  There is a significant amount of information contained in the report and it includes mention of an award the department received in 2015 for the quality of the department's new web site.

Check the site out for information about the performance of the department and to learn about their assistance programs and offerings for businesses.

Friday, February 12, 2016

City of Cleveland 2016 Mayor's Estimate Budget

The following are budget documents and information being reviewed in Cleveland City Council. Per legislative requirements, the 2016 budget must receive approval by Council by April 2016.

Additional information and analysis will be provided as it becomes available.

Council Budget Hearings begin 9:00 am Tuesday morning, February 16, 2016, beginning with an introduction and comments about the proposed estimated budge by Mayor Jackson.  Council hearings can be seen on Cleveland Channel 20 and are streamed live.

Documents provided below:
  • Schedule for the Cleveland City Council 2016 Budget Hearings (02/16-26/2016)
  • 2016 Est. City Budget Presentation, Cleveland City Council Retreat (02/12/2016)
  • 2016 Mayor's Letter of Transmittal (02/01/2016)
  • City of Cleveland 2016 Mayors Estimate Budget (02/02/2016, 508 pages)

Highlights of Friday 02/12/2016 Cleveland City Council Budget Retreat:
  • $566.7 million - Mayor's proposed estimated General Fund operating budget and a $1.6 billion total citywide budget.  Represents an 8% increase from 2015 or $41.9 million.
  • $525.4 million - Estimated 2016 revenue, an increase of $8.6 million or 1.6% increase.
  • $41.4 million - Estimated Annual Operating Loss.
  • $42.1 million - Carryover balance from 2015.
  • $722k - Projected ending balance.
  • Limited capacity for expanding/enhancing services due to an approximate $50 million loss in annual revenue due to: $30 million in combined reduction in revenues from the State and an annual loss of $18 million in property tax revenues since 2007 attributable to the global recession.
  • $5.3 million in primary revenue losses for 2016
    • $1.8 million - Property Taxes
    • $1.7 million - Local Government fund and Estate Taxes.
    • $1.2 million - Fines and Forfeitures
    • $0.6 - Building Permits
  • $42.2 million in major cost increases for 2016
    • $31.2 million in salaries, benefits and health care increases from 2015 due to completed contract negotiations for the period 2013-15 and subsequent salaries and benefits for 2016.
    • $11.0 million in expenses to cover requirements of the DOJ Consent Decree.
  • RNC - $50 million grant for security.  $30 million anticipated for personnel related expenditures and $20 million for Safety Equipment, communications and supplies.  Note: details regarding security perimeters are expected by March-April and all equipment purchases and deliveries are required by June 15, 2016.
  • Municipal Income Tax - discussion of ballot issue for increasing taxes from current 2.0%
    • An increase to 2.25% would generate approximately $37 million in revenue annually.
    • An increase to 2.50% would generate approximately $80 million in revenue annually.

Preliminary 2016 Sources of Revenue
(click on the image for a larger view, pg 75 budget book - see below)

Preliminary 2016 Expenses by Department

Budget Hearing Schedule
2016 Budget Hearings by Brian Cummins