Thursday, February 18, 2016

CLE Water - Budget Presentation to Cleveland City Council

In today's Budget Hearings, Cleveland City Council received a detailed budget presentation from our City's largest Enterprise Fund - Cleveland Division of Water.  Cleveland Water's budget is $315 million.

The Division's 1,138 employees manage 5,200 miles of water mains and related infrastructure including four treatment facilities, 21 water storage facilities, 5/11 major and secondary pumping stations.

The breakdown in employees for the major water work groups consist of:

  • 184, Plant Operations
  • 388, Distribution and Maintenance
  • 103, Engineering
  • 226, Customer Account Services
  • 237, Other functions, i.e., Risk Management, Safety & Security, Regulatory Compliance, Budget & Purchasing, and Information Technology.
A detail of the Division's budget can be found on pages 382-386 within the Budget Book.

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