Saturday, December 10, 2016

Select Cleveland Government Documents and Information

Through discussions and requests from residents and activists here is a copy of the Rules of Council for the Cleveland City Council.  These rules are adopted separately from the City's Charter and Codified Ordinances which can be found here.  Additional information regarding the Council can be found in Chapter 5 of the Charter.  The Rules set forth the way council conducts its business.

Copies of Council's legislation can be found here, although the list of legislation is only goes back to May of this year.  Council staff is working to make available legislation in a more comprehensive and searchable manner.

Additionally, legislation as well as a lot of other City actions (including Committee and Board appointments, Board rulings etc.) can be found within Council's City Record that is published weekly. Searchable copies of the City Record can be found here.

Lastly, all Cleveland City Council meetings are streamed live on the City's Channel 20.  Council is working with the Administration to have the capabilities to stream Council's official meetings of the whole in Chambers.  And, there is a call to do more in providing easier access to archived video of Council's deliberations which could be searchable based on time, date and legislation discussed and voted on.

If there are any questions regarding the rules and any other aspect of Council's functions and communications please contact me at 216-664-4238 or by email to, or our Council Clerk and other members.

Cleveland City Council - Rules of Council 2014-2017 by Brian Cummins on Scribd

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