Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Important Council Meetings, week of April 4th - Ward 3 appointment, RTA service/rate proposal, RNC security plan

The council schedule for the week of April 4th is a busy one.  The following important topics will be discussed in our Caucus and Committee Hearings:

Here are the most notable items, check below and here for the full schedule.
  • Recommendation, discussion, caucus vote on Ward 3 appointment
    11:00 am, Monday April 4th - Caucus of Council
    , Large Conference Room.
  • Development, Planning and Sustainability & Finance Committees, 1:00 pm, Monday April 4th
    • Ord. No. 380-16, By Council Member Cimperman. Authorizing the Director of Capital Projects to issue a permit or permits to Downtown Cleveland Alliance, its successors and assigns, to encroach into the public right-of-way of various locations within the Downtown Cleveland Alliance Service Area with banners to be attached to utility poles (by separate permission); and authorizing Downtown Cleveland Alliance to coordinate a banner program for the Downtown Cleveland Alliance Service Area.
      Remarks by Director of Office of Capital Projects: See Legislation.
  • Swearing-in (anticipated), New Ward 3 Council member, Kerry McCormack, 7:00 pm, Monday April 4th, Cleveland City Council Meeting, Council Chambers, 
  • Utilities Committee, 1:30 pm, Tuesday, April 5th
    • The Utilities Committee will hold a special briefing on the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Storm Water Management Program.
  • Transportation Committee, 10:00 am, Wednesday, April 6, 2016.
    • There will be a special briefing by the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority on a proposed rate hike in 2016 for its public transportation services.
  • Safety Committee, 1:00 pm, Wednesday, April 6, 2016.
    • There will be a special meeting of the Safety Committee to review and discuss the RNC Convention Security Plan. At this time Division of Police Chief Calvin Williams and Deputy Police Chief Edward Tomba will brief the Committee members on the following items:
      • The RNC
      • RNC Procurement.
      • Neighborhood police deployment during the RNC Convention.
    • There will also be representatives from the Division of Emergency Medical Service, and Division of Fire to present a briefing on the emergency safety plan for the RNC Convention on the following items:
      • The RNC Convention
      • Mutual Aid/Contracted Services
    • There will also be representatives from the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee present as well to make comments and answer questions on the RNC Convention.

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