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2015 Ward 14 street resurfacing funding, projects and priorities

Riverside Avenue
Operations for $7.5 million in residential street resurfacing began in April 2015. Over 80 residential streets will be resurfaced this year throughout the City. 

This year’s resurfacing program is based on a new City of Cleveland Five-Year Capital Improvement Program and based on Pavement Management Ratings.

The City's $7.5 million resurfacing budget is allocated out per each of the 17-wards based on conditions and the number of poor rated streets.  The Ward 14 allocation for 2015 is $565,000 and the average for the year per/ward is $387,000.

The Ward 14 allocation is the third highest amount in the city and indicates the large number of poorly rated streets.  The new and increased resurfacing budget is planned to be increased even more beginning next year to $10 million per year.  In 2014 the allocation was $4.4 million.

The City's Administration is in the process of conducting a new pavement management inventory.  In lieu of a new inventory, the decisions of what streets to resurface in Ward 14 for this year have been made based on actual field inspections (separately by both the Council office and Streets Department).  

W. 38th Street
The list of streets and the cost for resurfacing for this year is provided below.  In addition, the Ward 14 inventory of streets, with our own rankings is listed below.  Generally the condition rankings from the Streets Department and Ward 14 office are aligned.

As you can see from the tables below, there are nine streets scheduled to be resurfaced this year in Ward 14, but there are another 38 streets that are ranked C/D to F.  Even with the increased funding this year and even more funding beginning next year, the City has a lot of poor rated streets to catch up on.  

When making street selections, other factors are taken into consideration in addition to the pavement conditions. There are difficult issues to consider such as how many households are being impacted by the investment and what percentage of the length of street is in the poorest condition.  In Ward 14 over the past few years, due to limited funding, we began spot re-surfacing to improve sections of streets that had very poor conditions in sections due to sub-rated utility-cut repairs and over-patching.

If residents have any questions or concerns as to the streets selected this year and the plans to accelerate re-surfacing, please call the Ward 14 office at 216-664-4238.

Other related area street projects:
In addition to the residential streets re-surfacing project, Denison Avenue ($9M)(Ridge Rd. to SR-176) and W. 25th Street ( I-71 to Detroit Avenue) is being completed in this construction season.  The re-decking of the overpass bridge at W. 25th Street and I-71 ($2.8M) is complete and two median strips with new trees have been installed as a part of the bridge project.  W. 73rd Street (Denison Ave. to Lorain) is scheduled for re-surfacing in 2016 in conjunction with funding from Cuyahoga County.

Plans and funding are also being finalized for Pearl Rd. ($9.8M) to be re-constructed from Brookpark Rd to I-71, and for Broadview Rd. ($3.5M) to be resurfaced from Brookpark to Pearl Rd.

Ward 14 Streets to be resurfaced in 2015:
1.     West 38th Street from Archwood Ave. to Denison Ave.
2.     Riverside Avenue from pearl Rd. to West 39th St.
3.     West 39th Place from Poe to Daisy Ave.
4.     West 52nd  Street from Eichorn to Storer Ave.
5.     West 58th Street from Denison to Storer Ave.
6.     Carlos Avenue from West 49th to West 52nd St.
7.     Carlyle Avenue from West 34th St. to Fulton Rd.
8.     Scranton Road from W. 25th St. to Englindale (Metro ER Access)
9.     West 30th Street from Sackett to Meye Ave.

See below list for more details regarding specifications and costs.

NOTE:  For best viewing of the embedded Scribd documents, please use the magnifying icon and full page icon at the bottom of each image to be able to see a larger image.

Complete inventory of streets reviewed by the Ward office in April 2015 
- with condition rankings and  field notes.

Residential Resurfacing Program Begins in Cleveland
City of Cleveland, April 15, 2015
Cleveland's street-paving budget will more than double, but other projects will 'have to wait'
By Leila Atassi, Northeast Ohio Media Group, March 23, 2015

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