Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cleveland City Council - Community Development Block Grant Budget Hearings

Beginning this morning, 1st of three days of CDBG Budget Hearings (Community development Block Grant - Federal Funding). Estimated total budget $26 million - $20 million CDBG; $3 million Home Investment Partnership; $1.6 million Emergency Shelter Grant; $1 million Housing Opportunities For Persons with AIDS.

The budget represents year 41 since the inception of the CDBG program. The estimated budget is the lowest amount Cleveland is expected to receive since the inception of the program.

Today's agenda:
  • Overview
  • Neighborhood Development Activity
  • General Administration; Code Enforcement/Demolition
  • Fair Housing & Consumer Affairs
  • Commercial Revitalization/Storefront Renovation
  • Land Reutilization (Lot Clean Up, City Land Bank, Community Gardens)

REF: Legislative Calendar, Watch the hearings live at Cleveland/TV20.

Here are some excerpts of the Budget document that provide some overview and line items for proposed expenditures with comparisons to 2013 and 2014 budgets.  Below this document are two others with: excerpts regarding HUD eligible activity requirements, income eligibility requirements and maps depicting blighted areas eligible for use of these funds for 2006 and 2010; and, the 2001 - 2016 City of Cleveland Consolidated Plan.  This document represents a detailed plan as required by HUD.

Chapter 3, Code Enforcement and Demolition

Requests for additional information; staffing chart, status of opened positions, list of demolitions by ward from 2008 - 2014...(hearing in process).

If readers have any questions about the City's CDBG funding, feel free to comment here.

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