Friday, July 18, 2014

Update on pothole repairs W14, approximately 50% of area completed & street resurfacing information

The following map reflects areas of road repair completed through approximately July 10th - (green), in-process (yellow) and uncompleted (red) for Ward 14.  Work is being reported in areas marked in red, but we are still awaiting additional information for estimated completion times.

The map above is in result of a meeting and on-going discussions with Director Michael Cox, Public Works and Rob Mavec, Commissioner of Streets.  The last full inventory conducted on Ward 14 Streets was completed back in late June and the following report was posted 6.27.2014 - UPDATE on pothole and street status, City of Cleveland, Ward 14.

In addition to road repairs, the following work is being done as part of the City's resurfacing program:

Resurfacing, curb to curb
  1. W. 17th Street from Brainard Ave to Valentine Ave
  2. Valentine Ave from SR 176/I-71 ramp to west of W. 18th St as well as some additional spot resurfacing areas to Scranton Rd.. Work also being coordinated with ODOT on freeway ramps from traffic circle at W. 14th St to Valentine Ave.  
  3. W. 39th St from Archwood to Mapledale Avenues
  4. W. 35th St from Mapledale to Riverside Avenues
  5. Skeel Court from W. 42nd St to end ($10k)
  6. W. 32nd & Woodbridge, intersection 4 ADA ramps being installed.
  7. W. 61st St from Denison to Barberton Ave
  8. W. 67th St from Denison to Barberton Ave
Resurfacing - spot resurfacing

  1. W. 33rd from Denison Archwood
  2. W. 46th from Bragdon Nissen
  3. W. 48th, 3256 address
  4. W. 65th from north side of intersection with Denison Avenue
  5. Carlos Ave from W. 47th to W. 49th
  6. Erin Ave from W. 25th to W. 32nd
  7. Mapledale Ave, Intersections  at W 32nd and W. 33rd, need 20' patches

Note, constituents are encouraged to report pothole and other related streets issues to our office as well as the Division of Streets and the Mayor's Action Line using the information below:
  • Brian Cummins, Ward 14,
  • Division of Streets, 216-664-2510
  • Mayor's Action Line, 216-664-2900

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