Sunday, April 14, 2013

Greater Cleveland delegation visits Zhöngshän, China, to strengthen established ties with political, business and civic leaders

Tentative Delegation Agenda through Wednesday:

Monday 4.15.13

  1. Tour of Sun Yat-sen's former residence and historic village and museum
  2. Meeting with Vice Mayor Feng Yurong and signing of Memorandum of Agreement between the City's Foreign Affairs Division and the Cleveland Chinese Friendship Council.
  3. Discussions with Foreign Affairs and Board of Education officials
  4. Tour of 1st private school, China-Hong Kong English School and meeting with head of the Board of Education, Zhongshan
  5. Meetings with Private Entrepreneurs Association, Zhongshan
Tuesday 4.16.13
  1. Tour and meeting with officials from two lighting manufacturing companies in Xiaolan (township focus on LED lighting)
  2. Tour and meeting with officials from Mingyang Wind Power
Wednesday 4.17.2013
  1. Meeting and tour of facilities, Zhongshan Catering Association
  2. Tour and meeting with officials of home appliance companies


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