Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Councilman Brian Cummins selected to participate in Legislative Fellows Program in Pakistan

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State through 
World Learning and the Cleveland Council on World Affairs, 
Councilman to participate from April 21-30 

Cleveland (April 19, 2011) – As one of 10 selected U.S. representatives, Cleveland City Councilman Brian Cummins will travel to Pakistan in late April to facilitate dialogue and promote better understanding of political and legislative processes of both nations through the World Learning Visitor Exchange Program.

The program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, is a two-way exchange project for professionals and young leaders from Pakistan and the U.S. to promote democratic ideals and good governance.  Locally, the program is administered through the Cleveland Council on World Affairs.

In 2010, Cleveland was selected to host two U.S. Department of State sponsored delegations of Legislative Fellows from Nepal, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, India, and Pakistan. The purpose of the exchange was to connect key leaders from South Asia that could implement change in their political systems to counterparts in the U.S. and to strengthen their understanding of the legislative process and enhance appreciation of the role of civic society and its engagement in the political process.

Cummins welcomed both delegations to Cleveland by acting as a mentor, allowing guests to job shadow him at council, and discuss local government. Both delegations were honored by this experience and his attention to their issues and questions. After their return home the delegations highly ranked him as one of the top connections throughout their stay in our country.

“It is an honor to have been selected and represent not only Cleveland, but the U.S.,” said Councilman Cummins.  “I look forward to the exchange of ideas between my U.S. colleagues and our Pakistani hosts.  The exchange offers a great opportunity to share and compare our experiences and to promote a better awareness of the local, state and national challenges our two countries face.”

Cummins will participate in the program from April 21-30.  Participants travel, hotel, and transportation costs will be paid by World Learning Visitor Exchange Program.  During the week stay, participants will visit Islamabad to meet with Pakistani leaders.  The outcome and goals of the Legislative Fellows Program include:

  • Gain understanding of Pakistan’s legislative process
  • Increase understanding of minority experience in Pakistan
  • Develop and implement joint projects to promote good governance, civil society and democratic institutions
  • Build relationships between U.S. and Pakistani government, institutions and citizens
  • Promote regional cooperation among governments and civil society

Councilman Cummins represents one of the most diverse wards in the City of Cleveland and has significant work experience overseas.  Cummins has traveled to more than 30 countries and has lived and worked in the Dominican Republic, Latvia, Russia Far East and Moldova, in various positions affiliated with the U. S. Peace Corps.

For more information contact: 

  1. Richard Scott Blake, Political Consultant, Credo, Columbus, Ohio
  2. Kurt Carroll, Specialist, Law Library of Congress, Washington, DC
  3. Mike Cheokas, Member, Georgia House of Delegates, Atlanta, Georgia
  4. Brian J. Cummins, Councilman, City of Cleveland, Cleveland, OH
  5. Bubber Epps, Member, Georgia House of Representatives, Atlanta
  6. Linda Lucy, Staff, Senator Tom Harkin’s Office, Dubuque, Iowa
  7. Morgan Lorraine Roach, Research Associate Heritage Foundation, Washington, DC
  8. Ben Rogers, Chairman, Linn County Board of Supervisors, Iowa City Iowa
  9. Lindsey Lauchlin Thompson, State House Communications Specialist, Legislative Aide, Agriculture and Game, Fish, and Parks Committee, House of Delegates, Atlanta, Georgia
  10. Kimberly Jean Walz, Special Assistant to the Director of Climate Protection Initiatives, City of San Francisco, San Francisco, California
Tentative Organizations to be visited:

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